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  1. Inherited klipsch

    Are you using Klipschorns for surround duty with your Polks upfront?
  2. Super Tweeter Foster T90A

    I’ve never heard of anyone adding a super tweeter to the reference series. Seems like I’ve seen people add external tweeters to La Scalas, but that’s pretty rare.
  3. RP-450c build issue

    That’d drive me crazy too. I’m a bit OCD about that kind of thing. How is the tweeter attached to the box on that model?
  4. Office Building Theater

    This is being funded by our company so i'm sure we'll be buying all new equipment and less sensitive to price. I was thinking about spec'ing out three of these for LCR: Is there any issue with setting the center horizontally on this model? http://www.klipsch.com/products/thx-ultra2-in-wall-speakers?model=pro-7800-l-thx And these for surround duty: http://www.klipsch.com/products/thx-ultra2-in-wall-speakers?model=pro-7800-s-thx
  5. Office Building Theater

    Looking for some recommendations for setting up a theater in a office building. The space is 22'-5" x 22'-10" with 14' high ceilings (roughly 7,100 CF). I imagine that our team will want in-wall speakers for a clean look, but i have no experience with the Klipsch in-wall offerings. The room will likely be outfitted with a projector and screen that drops down in front of a white board. At a minimum i'd like to get 5.1 in the room, but preferably 7.1. Any suggestions?
  6. DeWalt tools

    Looks brand new!
  7. New (old) SVS PB12-Plus in the house

    Nice find. Congrats!
  8. Amps

    I wouldn't go that far. Most receivers dont produce nearly the output they claim...especially as more speakers are added beyond 2 channel. I noticed a distinct improvement when i added my B&K amplifier.
  9. Amps

    RF-7II's dont need that much power. 125 watts can produce deafening volumes.
  10. Suggestions/Help with a Setup

    What's your opposition to bookshelves? I've compared my RB-81s to my RF-7II's and found that the 81's hang pretty well at moderate volumes. I think the Denon you're looking at would be just fine. I like my 6300, but honestly think that my older Pioneer SC-1323 sounds cleaner to me. The Denon runs much hotter than my Pioneer also so i had to buy a separate fan since it is inside of a cabinet. FWIW, the order i purchased my gear was: Main speakers (2 channel) Subwoofer Center Channel Surrounds Atmos
  11. Cinema F20 Built - Walnut Veneer

    Looks great. Congratulations on the successful build.
  12. Klipsch Forte Speakers

    There is also a big difference in the design of Forte I, II, and III.

    Did the center speaker start out as a decorator model? I see that the baffle is not recessed like the others.
  14. Any Atmos experts here?

    I've found my 7.2.4 atmos setup to be much much more immersive than regular 5.1. Even non-atmos encoded sound tracks sound significantly better when distributed through an atmos system.