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  1. Wow, you’re putting that Heresy center channel to work!
  2. Do you ever have a reason to drive up I-95 towards Charleston?
  3. I've always wanted one of these just for the lights. Reminds me of KITT from Knight Rider.
  4. Very stout amp. Emotiva doesnt make 'em like they used to.
  5. Do y’all realize this thread is 7 years old?
  6. That’s a fantastic deal for someone. Should go fast.
  7. As far as I can tell without having them side by side. They look the same in pictures.
  8. Anyone happen to know why Klipsch changed the crossover point from 2000 Hz in the RF-82 down to 1400 Hz in the RF-82II? The drivers seem to be the same between the two models.
  9. You can always build a box for the driver and use an external amp like a Inuke to power it. What was the asking price of the driver you almost bought? Problem with going this route is that if you're going to build a box for a DIY sub, you might as well buy an 18" Ultimax instead of the 10" Klipsch driver.
  10. Good choice. Your son or daughter will enjoy watching disney movies in there. The intro scene to Toy Story 2 will give those subs a workout.
  11. fuzzydog

    What I Got Today!

    Just happened to be the first guy to respond to the Facebook Marketplace ad the seller posted yesterday. Honestly I worried that it might be a scam because of the low price and poor photos, but the seller was located in a nice neighborhood and he was very responsive to messages. Remarkably, the seller was knowledgeable of what he was selling and was familiar with Klipsch. He just seemed in a rush to sell. Super nice guy too.
  12. fuzzydog

    What I Got Today!

    Finally got a @Youthman deal. RF-82s in as-new condition for $100.
  13. Do these require an external crossover?
  14. Are you using Klipschorns for surround duty with your Polks upfront?
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