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  1. New Hope. I also have a pair of KSP-S6 I may consider parting with that I'm not using.
  2. I don't have photos of the KG 3.5s at this time, but they are in nice shape, like the rest of my stuff.
  3. more: http://troy.krugercentral.com/klipshjan2015/
  4. more here: http://troy.krugercentral.com/klipshjan2015/
  5. Time to get rid of excess items I've been collecting. Sorry, I will not ship. Items are near Minneapolis, MN I have a MINT condition black KLF-C7 speaker (no box) Yes, it really is mint. $350 Pair of excellent condition black KG 3.5 $200 (no boxes) 2 Pairs of Medium Oak KG 1.5 Excellent with 4 consecutive serial numbers. 1 pair has omni-mounts installed. $150/pr. (no boxes) If you want to bundle some items, make me an offer and save some money. All items are very nice (I don't collect junk). Thanks! troy at krugercentral dot com
  6. Walnut Klipsch speakers are sold. New owner was very excited about the condition when he arrived and inspected. I'm going to miss those ):
  7. ksp-s6 - also available in white. I think the RB-35 will actually stick out further from the wall and be uglier than a proper WDST wall mount style surround.
  8. These aren't being used.....nice stuff. Minneapolis area. Gotta clear out space as I'm out of room around here. Walnut Klipsch SW8 Sub Polks
  9. If I didn't recently have Crites redo upgrade mine, I'd be on these. Do they include all new wiring in the correct lengths to get up to the drivers?
  10. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/3630207324.html I actually viewed these and ended up passing on them for $200. (he has now lowered the price) I realized the parts alone are worth more than that, but they are big and I simply don't have the energy or room for trying out another set of large speakers. They sounded great when he played them for me. They are a bit beat on the edges and such. No telling how stable the cabinets are (was an issue with the tangent). For somebody on a limited budget who wants excellent sounding 3 way Klipsch and doesn't really care about scratch/dent here and there they would be an excellent buy. I couldn't bring myself to part these out so I hope somebody can use them. You could make some killer custom centers with these components if you have the skills.
  11. The photos looked great. Oiled oak, no visible wear, grills looked good, passive radiators looks good (even dust caps), emblems intact, risers looked good. He didn't know what they were, but simply had the ad "Big Klipsch Speakers"
  12. So I checked CL this weekend and found a set of very nice Chorus II listed in Anoka for $100!!!!! I looked at the time it was posted, and since I was within 15 minutes, I thought I had scored. I quickly called the number and left a nice message. I also followed up with an email. Well, I never heard from the guy, and the post was pulled a few hours later. I can't believe that I missed it so quickly. I've always wanted a pair of those - would have been fun!!!
  13. Good price on that KV3. You will like it!
  14. Thanks for your review. I would forget movie tests for now, and concentrate on music that you know really well. Of course, those 30s are going to sound a bit different if you upgrade to the Ti diaphragms that Crites sells for very little coin. Did you have all your room processing "Audyssey" type stuff turned off and running these tests DIRECT? I assume you had the sub turned off, and testing it all set to "large"?
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