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Suitable amplifier for R-26F speakers


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6 minutes ago, willland said:



Welcome to the forum.


What are your listening levels?


How large is your room?


Main listening distance from speakers?


What is your amp budget?



hi willand,

thanks for your answer,

its a living room ~35 square meters.

i'm not going to listen in high volume, just for average use when listening my favorite music (jazz, funk, electronica, not rock) and occasionally for movies.

Distance from the speakers: 3-4 meters.

Budget for amplifier: maximum ~300-400 euros

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I'm guessing you are over in Europe. Might I suggest looking past the r-26f and at the rp-260f instead. Better speaker all around for not much more money. The r-26f is their low level Best Buy models here in the states. As far as integrated the marantz units will pair nicely I'm sure 

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Late to the party here but I did buy a pair of R-26Fs last year. I'm driving them with a Musical Fidelity m5si integrated amplifier. I know it's dramatic overkill but the sound is fantastic. The Klipschs sound wonderful and are extremely efficient. I don't think I've had the volume control more than 20% and the output from the speakers is huge and spacious. I paid a lot for these relative to what you have to pay in America (I'm in the Czech Republic) around 600 Euros I think, but I'm extremely pleased.

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