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SW10-II horrible noise


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My SW10-II was new in 1994, and I'm the original owner.


When I power it on, it makes a constant horrible, loud noise, like a T-Rex taking a dump, only louder and worse.

It only just started doing this.  I checked the cables, etc.  They seem OK.  And it worked OK all day, even after I did a Denon setup/calibration.  And watched some TV and music.

Then the next time I powered it on, it makes this roaring noise and I have to shut it off immediately.  Indeed, I did move the speaker because I was setting up a new amp, and maybe the jiggling broke something loose that was "old"? 


I emailed a local "shop" with the symptoms, and he said: " your power supply is going out and the amp needs to be refurbished. "


Anyone know about this kind of failure?





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On ‎11‎/‎5‎/‎2016 at 5:51 AM, jason str said:

The Dayton SUB series from Parts Express are the best deal around.


If looking for something on the better side check out the MK3 from HSU.



I have had the original Hsu VTF-3 (front firing, dual rear ports) for several years now. That one is placed in the front corner of the room.  What an outstanding sub. Never a single problem and it is very powerful and so clean sounding.  If I needed another main sub, I'd go right back to this company. My second sub is a Klipsch sw311. Got that one on sale for $500.00 new in box a while back on Amazon and it is right beside me next to the couch, under the end table. Really good smaller 10" sub and it is the only decent one I could find that would fit in that spot. Love both of these... I have an old Klipsch sw12II in it's box inside the shop. After several years of playing, it started to clip the sound off and on with a weird, loud click type noise. Probably amp as well. Get yourself a new sub. Have fun ~Mike

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