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RB 61 ii/bi wiring


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Ok guys, so I think my plan is to upgrade my center to the RC 62 ii, and then get the RB 61 ii's for my main fronts. My question is is that the wire is already run for where they will be, but this speaker setup has a bi wiring setup. How can I make my current setup work. Can I just use what is already there and connect more wires to the ends of the current wires? Or will I have to actually run more wire? Kind of a deal breaker honestly

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There's no need to add any wire, as long as the wires in the wall have the + and - ends you're fine. There's no need to bi-wire. Your speakers probably have 4 inputs in back, 2 positive and 2 negative. There should be a jumper connecting each positive and each negative on your speaker (small metal strap or wire) Just connect your incoming speaker wires to one of each matching connectors on your speaker. You can search bi-wiring on here, lots of info, usually isn't beneficial.

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