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R-115SW LED not working.


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Hello everyone, this is my first post ever. :) 

( You can skip the next two parts, and read just the Question ) 


My name is Vasilis, I am 26 years old, living in Greece, and I'm a fairly new Klipsch user, and basically a new user of Home Audio in general. Other than some average "pc speakers" I never had anything special. I really wanted to build my own Home Theater though, so after a lot of thought and digging up posts and reviews I concluded that Klipsch is for me, for several reasons. 


5 Months ago I started building the system, and my first buy, were the Klipsch RP280Fs alongside the AVR. I was pretty stunned by the results I got, but obviously I could not stop there. I would like to expand the system, until I ultimately reach a 5.1 or 7.2 setup. As I am not rich though, and these speakers are really expensive here in Greece, I buy the parts one at a time, or two if they are a set like fronts or rears. 


[My Question]
Yesterday I bought the Third part of my Home Theater Audio setup. The Klipsch R-115SW. I've tried it for several hours, and can honestly say it's impressive. I love the sound. And I don't think I ever heard bass that low in my life. That being said, I found out that the LED Indicator in the front side of the Subwoofer is not lighting up. The sub is connected to the AVR using one RCA cable connected to the L/LFE input, and I use the "Auto" power mode. I also tried setting it to ON. Still no LED. 
Other than the LED the unit seems to be working perfectly. At least I think so. Knobs for Amplification and Filter work, the Phase switch works, and the sub is clearly producing sound. 
Is this LED going to cause any problem ? Or does this indicate that I need to return it? 
Because if the problem is just that (the LED) I don't really care. I will not return a 35kg subwoofer just because the LED does not work. :D 
But just in case I wanted to ask you since someone in here might know a bit more than me. 

Thank you very much in advance. I am looking forward to your answers. 
I can post pictures or a video of the setup if you wish. 

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3 hours ago, IbizaFlame said:

I actually got into the habit of disconnecting LED's in my subwoofers.  They don't do anything, and quite frankly...I don't need an LED to tell me whether or not the earth is shaking beneath my feet.  You are perfectly fine, unless it really bothers you.

"The earth is shaking beneath my feet.."  That's EXACTLY how this subwoofer feels !! :D

No I don't mind at all. 
I was only curious about possible problems that this might cause.

But if there is no problem I will just leave it like this. :D 

Thanks for your quick response. 
I'm looking forward to buy the next pieces !!!! :)

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