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Minimum WPC for RF-82iis, RC-62ii, R-115SW


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Hi all. Newbie to the klipsch family. I just purchased the above speaker setup and need some guidance on a decent AVR in terms of brand and wpc. I dont want to underpower them and looking for options for a solid avr that pairs well with klipsch without breaking the bank. Thanks in advance

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22 minutes ago, IbizaFlame said:

Isn't really a minimum, you just need a receiver that will deliver good and clean power.


What is your budget?

What size is your room?

Are you mainly going for movies or music?

The room is 12x17.  And budget i like to top off bout $700 if possible if i can find a good clean power avr. Grad school expensive so budget little tight. And prolly music 70% and movies 30%. Also. Is the sub I bought a little much for the RF-82ii?

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