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RW-12D no sound


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I have had the RW-12D for 3 years. Love that thing. Even shakes my recessed lighting in my bsmt. However, just recently, I've noticed that it does not work. I have not changed any of the connections, so its not that. The sub powers on and the display works fine. If I touch the input connection w/ my red/white RCA cables, it still has that hum (but very faint). I've tried hooking it up to 2 different receivers to no avail. It does have a little bit of sound coming in, and I can feel a slight vibration on the woofer itself when I put my hand on it. 


I'm assuming this is a bad plate amp, but I'd like to get your opinions before I send it off to repair. I've read the forum about Edwards Electronics repair on ebay and that is likely who I'll go through. Just wondering if there are any other easy fixes I can check first. I'm moderately handy, But I'm not very electronic saavy. I opened up the back plate for shnitz and giggs, but I can't even find where the fuse is, so that's my current level of expertise. Thanks for any help and have a great wknd.

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I also have an RW 12d.  Known issues are grill pegs which were typically broken in the box when new.  There was also a port which would get loose and rattle, was easily fixed with some hot glue.  The plate amp would typically not go into power saving mode, most people simply ignored the problem, not worth fixing.


Many people with serious subs don't like the RW 12d but I like mine.  At the time when new it was considered the best sub at its price point, but the lower end of the expensive subs, the highest quality sound of the low end subs.


In 2014 they sold for $350 through Amazon.  I would guess they would resell for $150.


If you wanted to bypass the plate amp, a used Inuke 3000 /dsp goes for around $200 used $279 new and they come up for sale used on a fairly regular basis.

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I really like this model as well. Its my first powered sub. Before, I've just had tower speakers w/ 12's in them. I got it for $270 thru Newegg 3 years ago. Fuse is still good. Def not a prob w/ the port. I don't need anything more powerful than this. This thing already rattles my recessed lighting in my bsmt. I'll probably send into Edwards Electronics on ebay. They will fix any amp problem for $160 (which includes return shipping). I just wanted to make sure its a problem w/ the amp before I send it. Wondering if there was anyway to test that. Thanks guys.

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Neighbor has one. I don't know how to use it thought. Thanks for the insight on those Dayton subs. I read some reviews. Within 30 mins I purchased a 15" for $169 (free ship). Only $10 more than fixing mine. I'll pay that just to see if its as good as the Klipsch. Then I'll fix mine and sell whichever I deem inferior. Good lookin' out.

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