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PS3 connections


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Installed RSB-14 soundbar and connected it to a Sony Bravia TV using both the HDMI/ARC and optical audio cables.

Hooked up my PS3 to a HDMI connection on the TV, assuming the video would play on the TV and the audio would play thru the soundbar. Yeah, I know what happens when assumptions are made, thank you.

When I use the PS3 to access Amazon video and play a movie, the music from the movie plays clear and loud but the spoken dialog is barely audible. If the volume is turned up loud enough to hear the dialog, the music is so loud I won't be able to live in this neighborhood much longer.

My next assumption is that I have messed something up in the connections and would welcome any suggestions on how to get all the sound coming to the soundbar.

Thanks in advance.

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My assumption wouldn't go there.  It's that you either have a misconfiguration in the PS3 or the TV.  Try configuring the PS3 so that it only passes 2 channel audio and see if that works, then add back in 5.1 and see if the problem persists.  If it does, the soundtrack might be skewed on what you're watching.

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