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FS: RC52ii in Black


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I have for sale a beautiful pair of RF52ii and also an RC52ii.


Pictures of both are available below.  


The RF52ii were purchased locally from a musician about 6 months ago.  They are in near-perfect condition and I cannot find a scratch on them, cones are perfect.  One one speaker binding post, one of the caps (red) to a binding post are missing.  I purchased them this way and honestly it doesn't need it so I never got a replacment (which is about $0.50).  Operationally perfect, cones and the rest are perfect.


The RC52ii was purchased from another Klipsch forum member.  In near perfect condition with a few minor scratches hard to even see.  The foot was missing so I added a screw with a soft pad added to it.  Which I find has worked even better than Klipsch's foot.  I will include this with the speaker.  Cones and the rest are perfect and it performs perfectly.


Cherry RF52ii Pair:  $350

Black RC52ii:  $150

RC52 - 2.jpg


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I am located on the North side of the city of Chicago, Illinois.


Parking is easy as is getting here. 

I am not against shipping but would prefer local pickup.


References available as is a go-between if you are purchasing with shipping and want 100% confidence your money will be safe.


Shop with confidence I'm someone who backs anything I sell.  

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Still looking for a buyer!  I hate to put these on ebay where I know they will sell as I much prefer a serious Klipsch person get them.


I will entertain reasonable offers from any member with 50 or more posts.  

These are close to flawless, and sound amazing.


My original goal with them was to build a full theater for under $1000 and I did that easily.  

They are a value option that I think many overlook and miss out on.  


Feel free to make an offer!

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To a forum member, $275 for the near-perfect pair of Cherry RF52iis.

$125 for the near-perfect RC52ii (black).


I will not go lower, I will keep these at these costs if there is no interest!

I can only say that you cannot find a better pair of fronts for $275, anywhere.

I'm not sure why I don't deploy them as back surrounds but will if nobody else wants them :)


I'm happy to part with them to a forum member at these costs, but will not go lower, prices are firm!



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