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WTB Earthquake Supernova 15 or Klipsch RSW-15


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I'm looking for an Earthquake Supernova 15. I have a 10" and 12" version. I would like to try a 15". I don't really care if it's a MKIV, MKV, or MKVI; just depends on price. I'm located in the Greensboro area of North Carolina.


I'm also interested in a second Klipsch RSW-15. I prefer black, but wouldn't hesitate to take a RSW-15 in cherry or maple. 


If you're far away but willing to ship, let me know. Just PM me with details. Thanks!

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Thanks Batman.  I'll let you know if I decide to sell my RSW-15's.  Honestly, it probably will not be anytime soon.  Wakejunkie will likely be the person that builds it but he's up to his ears trying to fix the foundation on his house.

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