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Well on the 13th of September....


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The Audiophile Club of Athens (ACA) is going to descend en-mass on my house and Tony's house to hear our systems, sample the music, and drink copious amounts of alcohol laced beverages.

I realize it is fairly pointless bearing in mind the distances but I would like to extend an invitation to anyone on this board to attend (should they be passing Athens, Greece at the time).

I would not suggest making a special trip for the event - it won't be that big - but if you are passing....

For those that cant make it there will be a summary of the event(s) posted on the ACA site.

On the subject of the ACA I would also like to take the opportunity to shamelessly plug our forum - http://aca.gr/forum/index.php

We rather need some input there - so again - if you are passing...


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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Whoops - well spotted Fini.

The date should of course read October and not September.

Sadly my brain has been in neutral since the birth of my daughter. Something to do with sleep deprivation I think.

About 2 weeks ago she got the flu went on antibiotics and then got diahorrea (spelling?) and a nasty case of thrush.

Combine that with my parents coming to stay and heading straight into flat panic every time the baby cried and the joy was complete.

All this lead to sleepless nights, a cornucopia of creams and purple fingers courtesy of the Gentium Violet they still use around these parts (and the baby's parts come to that).

Anyway if I survive all the joys I will, at the very least, post links to the review of the get-together.


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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I used to belong an audio club in NY. We routinely went to live concerts to appreciate what *real* music sounds like. In the five years I lived in NY we attended 14 performances. the takeaway for me was that live orchestral is raspy, with alot of "edge" and "bite". It's is a real shock (in a good way) to the auditory system.

One of the club members (a tube sort)

mentioned that it has a *solid state* sort of sound which naturally was quite amusing!

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