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R-15pm help!!


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I bought the R-15pm speakers for Xmas. Turned on, plugged in.  Paired with Bluetooth, hooked up optical to tv, hooked up RCA with record player.


no sound coming out of the speaker...in any mode.  Remote works.  Still not sound out of the speakers.


I was hoping to play this for Xmas and now nothing.


any advice before I return it?  I spent a lot of money on those hoping for quality.  Not sure now if it was a good choice.


i also bought the 10sw subwoofer. No cable with it.  Is it paired via Bluetooth to the r-15s?  Or do i just need to buy the cable?


thanks for your help,


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I'm guessing they've got an issue.  The R15-pm is a pretty simple setup.  For what it's worth, I gave my in-laws a pair of those and a 50w 8" sub last year and they were playing some vinyl at Christmas a few days ago, and I forgot how good that setup sounded.   



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