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KV series center for KG mains?


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56 minutes ago, T2K said:

Which KG speakers do you have?

I have modded Chorus 1's in my main 2 channel listening room , & KG 4.2's, in a bedroom, but neither are in use as my HT setup


My HT setup is an Emotiva sub, Heresy ll's with crites diaphragms & crossovers, KSF-S5's as rear surround & a KSP-C6 as my current center. I do have a KSF-C5 in storage (it came with the S5's, but I've never used it) I'm not as obsessed as some others here about "Timbre matching" so I'm pretty happy with the KSP-C6, I'm just curious how it matches up to the other two you've owned, the KSF-C5 & KLF-C7. (I bet not many have owned/listened to all three of them, especially the KSP-C6)


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Friend has KV2 center he loves - looking to “upgrade” his current* LR to matching bookshelf speakers. He plans to eventually “upgrade” his non-matching surrounds* also. 
*different brand


Thanks. Tony

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