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  1. Sonicseeker, If you use a hi-res source (I'm a CD fan myself) these songs are all recorded/mixed extremely well & will sound GREAT on most Klipsch. (especially Chorus!) Police: "Murder by Numbers" #1 !!! ZZ Top: "Fool for Your Stockings" (best recording i've found is on "One foot in the Blues") Pat Donohue: "The Road to Kingdom Come" Dire Straits: "Six Blade Knife" (remastered version) Los Lobos: "Kiko & the Lavendar Moon" Steve Winwood: "Higher Love" Pink Floyd: "Time" Thin Lizzy: "Cowboy Song" (remastered version) KD Lang: "Constant Craving" Cowboy Junkies: "Sweet Jane" Shannon: "Let the Music Play" Copeland: "Fanfare for the Common Man" Pachelbel: "Kanon" (On Telarc)
  2. I searched & read ALL the old threads on here for port mods before I did it (far from the 1st one to try it) The consensus was a 7" total extension was ideal (others calculated it based on Chorus box volume using computerized speaker building programs) All I know is it added about 5hz on the low end w/o ANY flabbiness (or I would have reversed it) I also bought a bass test tone cd just to test the results (never measured it with a mic), but see the "ear test" results below that I copied from the old thread when I did it: PRE- RESULTS: I could hear a noticeable dropoff in volume & sound "fullness" around the 45 Hz test tone prior to my modifications POST-RESULTS: After the ports were installed, I can now play a 40 to maybe 39 Hz test tone without any dropoff. They will play lower tones as well, but past 39, it decreases in volume as it gets lower (bass volume is consistant @ 39-40 Hz and above) To this day, I still think the bass is tighter & generally just sounds better than before, & I'm VERY happy with the 5-6 Hz I gained on the low end 😎
  3. C1's with 7" port extensions added gives U the bass of a C2, but are less finicky about room placement. I'll never part with either pair of mine 😎
  4. I like it loud, but at about "10:00 o'clock" volume, pictures fall off walls & my chest/ribs vibrate with the bass notes. Over the years I've ruined quite a few CD cases that vibrated out of their stand & hit the floor/broke 🤣
  5. I actually ended up selling my black LaScalas I bought new in 1986 after I picked up my 1st pair of oak Chorus 1's a few years ago. It took about 6 months of listening to decide, (& it may shock some of you), but 3-4 years later I have NO regrets... (& have since added another pair of pristine walnut C1's to my collection)
  6. I agree with the others, it's hard to beat a Luxman for the price. My vote is for R-115 (117's can be $$$, & the 115 is usually plenty of power for most Klipsch) I'm using my R-115 as a pre-amp (Lux recievers sound "warm", not sterile/flat) with the pre-outs feeding a restored Yamaha M-60 amp. Why? I get the remote volume control & "warm" sound of the Lux PLUS the watts/headroom & cool dual power meter display of the Yammy 😃
  7. Noted, but I realized that I also forgot to mention that I swapped out the tweeter in my KSP-C6 with one from the highly rated RB-5. (K-105-K, Titanium diaphragm, better horn lens, etc.) Probably why I like it 😃
  8. Write your reply... Forums>...>The Klipsch Korn
  9. The grill is definately steel, but it does have a thin flexible rubber "gasket" on it (I think to help it seal/sit flush). The STRONG neodymium magnets I used stuck to it w/o a problem.
  10. No affiliation, but just posted 30 min ago. Central FL (Cocoa Beach). https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/224013829782882/ The 4 original badges on the grills might be worth that $ 😃
  11. This is really good stuff: 14 Gauge Speaker Wire, Oxygen Free Pure Copper. 100 ft for 45$ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N4BIXDX/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_B2DY4RWT0VA5Z7F205PT.
  12. Mine are walnut Heresy 2's, with Crites Titanium diaphragms. They are in my HT setup (Chorus 1's are in my listening room 😃) with a KSP C6 Center, KSF-S5 rears, & an Emotiva powered sub. Watching a Horn loaded 4K Bluray like "Master & Commander" sounds unbelievably good !!!
  13. Leave the loudness off, but try the bass @ "1 o'clock" & the treble @ "2 o'clock" for cd's & vinyl The R-115 & R-117 are known to sound "warm" (tube-like) for solid state gear. Don't forget you can also use it as a pre-amp & connect it to a bigger amp for more headroom...
  14. I had a R-115 driving my Chorus 1's & it was PLENTY of power (couldn't get it past 10-11 o'clock on the dial or things would fall off shelves & ears start to ring like a concert... It also has "pre-amp out" jacks so I am currently using it as a pre-amp b/c of the remote controlled volume & my Yamaha M-60 as the amp b/c of the "dancing" front power meters visual impact. 😃
  15. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/528135305155791/ & you even get a pair of KLH's to flip 😃
  16. IMO, Chorus easily win on bass response, (pro woofer chest "thump" is awesome) They fit better in medium sized rooms, & are easier to move. (Try getting LaScalas in a car...) LaScala wins the mid horn battle (but can't thump your chest w/o a sub, which then creates even more size/space problems...)
  17. I actually like my modded Walnut Chorus 1's BETTER then my black LaScalas 😎
  18. Go to page 2 for detailed port info, but the port gets mounted flush with the front of the motorboard. (So it's included)
  19. Chorus prices (& Forte) are significantly higher now, even here in FL (where they've always been lower) I would say the new "normal" is 850-900 for Black, 1000-1100 for Oak, and 1100-1200 for Walnut. Price doesn't seem to matter if they're version 1 or 2, & both sound GREAT. The only time you'll see em priced at pre-covid #'s (600-700) is if they're "beaters" needing a veneer redo...
  20. Cool! If you lengthen the ports to 7-7.5" & connect that Onkyo, I think you'll find even more clean tight bass 😎
  21. I have one of those myself, but you'll REALLY be impressed (& get better bass) when you get a bigger amp. I have a Luxman R-115 that is rated @ 70w , but magazine tests "back in the day" said it was more like 85w continuous. At about 10 o'clock on the volume, things start falling off shelves 😃
  22. ZZ Top: "Fool for Your Stockings" (best recording is found on "One foot in the Blues") Pat Donohue: "The Road to Kingdom Come" Police: "Murder by Numbers" Dire Straits: "Six Blade Knife" Los Lobos: "Kiko & the Lavendar Moon" Steve Winwood: "Higher Love" Pink Floyd: "Time" Thin Lizzy: "Cowboy Song" KD Lang: "Constant Craving" Tracy Chapman: "Fast Car" Cowboy Junkies: "Sweet Jane" John Secada: "Just Another Day" Shannon: "Let the Music Play" Ace of Base: "All that She Wants" Copeland: "Fanfare for the Common Man" Pachelbel: "Kanon" (On
  23. Cool, & thanks! I would say don't expect a huge increase in bass, just a better, solid low end (depending on the recording) In my case, I used a cd bass freq "test tone" cd & did before/after testing. Before, anything below the 45hz note was barely audible. After, the dropoff moved down to 39hz - 38hz range.
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