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  1. Well here goes....Decision Made. At 57 I'm late to the tube experience and as much as I love my modified Hafler 500 I'm in love with the sound of my ST-70. I'm keeping it in the family so to speak anyway. Maybe the original Mullard xf2's that test like new along with the fresh new factory style circuit board and other components I replaced that breathed new life into this amp that sat idle for 40 years , just does it for me. This new experience sent me on the quest for Klipsch speakers knowing they could potentially be the perfect match. I knew I wanted a classic pair and discovered the Heritage series, specifically the Heresy IV which was the only new model in my budget. I sought out used but after auditioning the latest offerings I knew that if I purchased used I'd still be wanting the newer version down the road. Heresy sounded great but I wanted a bigger sound without subs. Forte sounded great too but the rear passive radiator presented a potential placement problem in my room. THEN ...I heard Cornwalls and wished I hadn't because that was the sound I wanted at the price I certainly couldn't afford. Even used their pricey and shipping ain't happening. I came to this forum and received great advice for which I'm very appreciative. I was ready to pull the trigger on Heresy IVs at 2200 shipped free, B stock. Thought I could resell them eventually easy enough and upgrade when feasible. I wanted that Klipsch sound and NOW...the impatient fool that I am. I knew the Cornwalls could be my last pair of speakers and I'd be totally cool with that . I couldn't spend 6500 but I could spend that 2200 for the Heresy's OR.....for less than 2000 buy what I needed from Crites and build Cornscala's type B. I ordered the kit yesterday and bought the Baltic Birch shortly after. Starting to cut the panels tomorrow and the kit arrives Friday. Not Klipsch but a tribute. Some will hate and I understand. I really did want the genuine artifact but I just couldn't swing the expense and wouldn't have been happy with anything that wasn't very close to the Cornwall sound. Here is a picture of their new home, room 14w x 20d. Boxed mains for the theater are recessed in wall to left and right of screen...sliding the new 2ch speakers out to the walls when watching a movie will be my weekly exercise. Thank you one and all and I'm sorry if any are offended ....I did come here seeking advice on Klipsch and came across this Cornscala concept at the end of the journey Regards, Jim
  2. If I could find used Cornwalls at a good price, yes I'd go for them. I figure I can see how I like the Heresy and get used to the Klipsch sound. I'll keep an eye out for Cornwalls and if the right deal comes along, sell off the Heresy's.
  3. To get my feet wet in Klipsch waters I may end up with a pair of Heresy's shipped free at a reasonable price. Unfinished birch, Serial# on one is 8871356. Heresy II , 1988 week 7 ? Is 6-700 for the pair reasonable for all original in good shape? I know bargain hunters may say wait but I'm not seeing them for any less than that in the last month anywhere. Looks like the Forte's I was considering isn't happening.
  4. You'll laugh at this...had the Road King for 1 year and traded it for a new Indian Chief Vintage....based solely on looks. Still have it and seriously looking at a Street Glide now. That decision will be more difficult than choosing my next speakers.
  5. Yeah, I've too often made purchases only wishing I'd stepped up for what I knew I really wanted but didn't want to spend the extra money on at the time. This was especially the case when I bought a Dyna and should've gone for the Road King which I did 10 years later 🤔
  6. So I drove over 2 hrs each way to the nearest Heritage dealer. They have all IV series on display.. I listened to Heresy's and if I stopped there I would've been content. Next listened to Forte and finally Cornwalls which are wonderful but way above my budget. The Forte sounds like a great compromise between the two with the extra depth in the lower registers that would negate the need for a subwoofer as I feel the Heresy may need but maybe not. There's actually a used pair of Forte II's in good shape near me which would cost 25% of new and I'd be happy with that even if I had to put money into crossover upgrades. Any thoughts on Forte II and their fit with my room and gear? Thanks
  7. I'd snag a pair at that price but no one wants to ship these. I live in MA. and nothing around here.
  8. Heresy is in my budget new, Cornwall would be used. I wouldn't be opposed to used Heresy II or III for that matter.
  9. I need help deciding on my first Klipsch speakers. I've never heard anything vintage or in the Heritage series. My current towers were custom built by Source Technologies, are 3-way 8" woofer, 7" Seas mid bass driver and 1" silk dome tweet, 90db sensitivity. I've run them 20 years with a tube preamp and a modified Hafler 500. I recently overhauled a Dynakit ST-70 with a new replacement factory style circuit board and use the original Mullard EL34's which test like new. I have no desire to go back to solid state. System is detailed, dynamic and a great pleasure to listen to. I have a dedicated, acoustically treated listening room 14' wide x 22' deep, 8' ceilings. Speakers are 3' off back wall and centered 3.5' off side walls. Seating position is centered 8' from speakers. I can't sit further back because my drum kit is on a riser behind me. I listen to jazz primarily for upwards of 2 hours almost every night at moderate to slightly higher but not concert levels, roughly 70-85db average. I don't know if I would ever have considered Klipsch prior to owning a tube amp because I always thought in critical hi-fi listening they were best suited for tubes. I'm interested in the upper end, either Heresy or Cornwall. I have no dealers anywhere close to me that carry these so I'm reaching out for recommendations based on my equipment, room and musical taste. I don't want my speakers to sound like a PA system only suitable for extreme high volume, party levels. I want detail, smooth rich mids, high frequencies not harsh or sharp and full clean bass. I know Heresy's don't produce the lowest of frequencies but I think they'd be low enough for me. After updating my amp with a new quad cap can and better caps on the new board my bass response is plenty deep and tight. I appreciate any of you that own either of these speakers with similar gear helping me make an informed decision. Thank You
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