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For Sale KLF10 parts: Tweet, 2x woofers, Xover


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I have bits from a KLF10 that I purchased on ebay 2 years ago that I never used for a KLF center speaker project to match  my KLF20s (that I don't like for music so may sell them too)  Never even unpacked the box.  Everything but the ports.  One of the woofers has a tiny nick in the cone that has been glued.

Anyone interested in this?   I have too many speaker parts, lying around. I was thinking $150US for the lot plus shipping. If there is some serious interest I will unpack them to show pics of the nick.  I am in Canada.   

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yes it is all the internals of a KLF10  including the single port.      (not shown)

Yes I have 6 KLF C7 Woofers... Sadly for you they are being used as my center and 2 surrounds..  :)

I got those parts before I found well priced C7s locally.. I was very lucky.  

I am sure the KLF10 would make a great center... in a smaller sealed cabinet.. but... in my small room its really overkill


I also have3  KG4 tweeters and x over..



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