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++++SOLD+++++Pair of Mcintosh MC30 amps $3000


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IMG_2003.thumb.JPG.1c19041246a72eda91f1cd86a30098aa.JPGHello, I'm selling a beautiful pair of Mcintosh MC30's to free up audio budget money.  These have been professionally electrically restored by a local reputable tech.  All new film and electrolytic caps; out of spec resistors were replaced.  I've been running them with my Cornwall 3's and they are a magnificent pairing.  


Serial #'s are 18584 and 19875.  These were built back in 1959 or thereabouts; cosmetically they're all original.  See photos, cosmetically I'd conservatively rate them 5/10 for some minor (not deep) pitting in the chrome and other minor scratches in the powder coat.  Some elbow grease and a bottle of brasso goes a long way and they shine and sparkle from a couple feet away.  


I'll post more pictures (including the guts) tonight when I get home.   It turns out i need to resize all my pictures, they're all almost 2mbs.


Everyone has their favorite tubes and I have extra NOS tube sets that can be included in the sale for a reasonable price.  


I'm a new member on this forum and have no posts or feedback.  My handle on ebay is barleybluebee and audiogon is boodledude; both show a long history of only positive feedback.  I haven't listed these on the other sites yet but plan on doing so this week when time permits.


I much prefer meeting in person since these would need wood crates to ship.  I live in New Hampshire and can deliver within about 250 miles.   I'd consider shipping at the buyer's cost, crated and insured.  Probably a couple hundred bucks. 


I bought these a couple of years ago from a local seller for $2800.  I've put about $1000 in parts and labor in these to restore the electronics professionally.  I played around with swapping out different caps and the orange drops are the best sounding.  I have some extra parts including some extra caps and resistors along with a pair of tagboards in case you ever want to rebuild the circuit from scratch.     


I'm looking to get $3000 for the pair including the current tubes that are installed.  Spare parts will be included; additional tube sets are extra $$.  Tubes all have very low hours and are all NOS except the 12AX7's which are Prima Luna brand from Upscale Audio.


1 - 2.jpg

1 - 3.jpg

1 - 4.jpg

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