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Klipsch IC 650 t in celling speakers

Charles M

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I don’t want to screw up my New Marantz 

 Receiver, I need some help to set this right so I don’t damage the receiver.

when I change the switch to  selective 8 oms 

that would be the best for what I will be using it for I believe Of course I wouldn’t use these for two way .

I picked these up on a trade so it was all most free and never been used . So any info would be 

helpful to make sure I don’t mess this up . 

These are few years old but I am sure they will sound pretty good but maybe some of you 

can give me some input.






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2 hours ago, charles m said:

Do you know about the IC-650 t speakers?

They would work  Great  wouldn’t they for 

Atmos ?


Yes, Roy designed those and has a patent on the horn.  They have their own enclosures too, nicer than most typical residential ceiling speakers.  They're a little large and heavy, especially the next size up, the 800's, but that's typically not really an issue.  

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You know the Guy that design then ? WOW lol

well I can’t wait till I get them in .

also they say that these are 80 Watts I wounding about my Marantz sr 7012 could they 

damage these ?

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