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Best amp for 1984 Heresy

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Recently acquired a beautiful pair of 1984 oiled oak Heresies. I currently have a Marantz PM-5004 integrated amp. It's a little underpowered, but it sounds ok with these speakers since they are so efficient. I plan on upgrading my amp next, so I was wondering what people recommend to drive these speakers in the ~$1000 range. I don't mind buying separates, but I need to have: sub out (also eventually want to add powered sub), phono input (Schiit Mani or MoFi Studiophono if the amp doesn't have one),  and DAC (with inputs for TV and Chromecast Audio). I care about analog performance first and foremost (mainly classic rock vinyl),  but I want to be able to hear TV and movies through these speakers so I can ditch my mediocre soundbar.  I need something durable enough for daily use.  I'd prefer to buy new rather than vintage as I am not particularly adept at working on electronics. I've seen good things about the Outlaw RR2160, but I haven't heard anything about how it sounds with Klipsch heritage models. Any recommendations are appreciated. 

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8 minutes ago, pallpoul said:

Onkyo 9070. worked perfect with my Heresy's. 


check this one out. worked amazingly with my heresy's. pm me if interested 

This looks like a really good option. The fiber optic input wont be able to handle the more modern movie sound decoding for lossless blue-Ray and 4K but if you are more interested in music then this should not be a problem.

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