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  1. twk123

    Camera Recommendations

    I second this. The Canon Rebel series is a really good camera to get into. You can keep it in Program mode to start out and its actually a pretty advanced camera if you really want to get into all the capabilities. There are tons of different Canon and aftermarket lenses and accessories as well which makes it a very versatile option. If you get this camera, I also recommend getting the 24mm 'pancake' lens. It is about $130 and has a really good field of view and a close focus distance. I have a Canon 7D with about 6 different lenses and my 24mm always ends up being on the camera 90% of the time. https://www.amazon.com/Canon-EF-S-24mm-2-8-Lens/dp/B00NI3BZ5K/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1541713095&sr=8-3&keywords=canon+24mm If you like to hike with your camera, I also recommend this chest mount. It is much more convenient than having something swinging from your neck all the time. https://www.amazon.com/Movo-MB700-Universal-Carrying-Holster/dp/B00RF0OF2C/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1541713265&sr=8-3&keywords=DSLR+chest+mount
  2. Crites sells a replacement crossover that lowers the crossover point for the mid to the tweeter, I think its called the A4500. The Lascalas mid horn has issues at higher frequencies but the K-77 is so fragile they had to keep the crossover high. If you swap the crossover to the Crites model and make sure to also get the Crites tweeters that go with it you should hear an improvement. I bought mine with this upgrade already and am happy with it.
  3. twk123

    K Horns in Denver- $1500

    They look a little rough but a good price point for anyone that can fix them up: https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipschorn-speakers/6741423371.html
  4. twk123

    Happy Halloween! What ya doing for fun tonight?

    Handed out candy to trick or treaters then had a nice fire the rest of the night after putting the little one to bed.
  5. twk123

    Political Advertising ... sick of it?

    Its an amendment that states that if your property value is decreased due to legislation or other government action, the government could be held liable for the damages. In normal instances it sounds reasonable but this is bundled in with 112 where it looks like the energy companies are priming to sue the local governments for losses if they cannot drill on purchased land due to the setbacks. I think they are hedging their bets in case 112 passes and the local gov. prevents drilling because its too close to an irrigation ditch etc, the company can threaten a lawsuit to push the well construction.
  6. twk123

    Political Advertising ... sick of it?

    I have no problem with setbacks from residential and actual vulnerable areas but I do have an issue with poorly written legislation that can be abused down the road. Fracking has its own problems and I dont want wells near houses or schools but having a backdoor ban hidden under the guise of safety is bad politics in my opinion. If we want a ban on wells lets just call it that and have an honest discussion. Prop 112 is advertised in a way that it makes it look like you dont care about neighborhoods if you dont support it despite the bait and switch verbiage. Amendment 74 is the same thing on the other side and its a a way for the corporations to hold Colorado hostage for passing the law.
  7. twk123

    Political Advertising ... sick of it?

    Not having TV or Facebook has greatly reduced my exposure to ads but I do get blasted on YouTube. Colorado has two pretty heavy ballot measures with Amendment 112 and Prop 76 which would have some serious ramifications and the oil industry is dumping money in to stop 112. Basically, 112 was written by an extreme environmental group to shut down gas drilling in Colorado by making 2500 ft setbacks for new wells from Housing, irrigation canals, creeks and vulnerable areas. It sounds reasonable at first but its so vaguely written that it would shut down 85% of the new land for drilling in CO. In response, the oil companies put out Amendment 76 which would allow them to sue any local government for loss of property value if they cannot drill due to 112. So if both pass, CO would lose massive tax revenue from drilling and also be sued into oblivion by pissed off multi-national energy corporations.
  8. twk123

    Authentic Klipschorns?

    Its a vague ad but there are some K Horns in Highlands ranch you could look at. He does not list a price but maybe you can say how your are a forum member and a big Klipsch fan etc and he can cut you a deal: https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-corner-horns-vintage/6723048085.html Or you can go big and get these beautiful rosewood ones: https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-klipsch-klipschorns/6727929162.html
  9. twk123

    Save 10% today on EBay with coupon code

    Lol same here, I just ordered a climate control module for my Subaru a few days ago.
  10. twk123

    The stock market crash of 10/24/2018

    Because our currency is basically debt to a semi-private bank, there is no real economic growth. The Federal Reserve drops interest rates, floods the economy with money and easy debt for the corporations to leverage and float their stock then the bubble bursts and the cycle repeats itself. The stock market is basically a giant casino where you lose 1-3% of your money every year and you have to gamble just to keep the money you have.
  11. twk123

    Looking for a good Sub

    That makes sense, I checked out the link and thats really bad.
  12. twk123

    Fidelify Dead?

    I have been using the Fidelify client and a Spotify Premium account for my 2 channel Lascala rig but since about a month ago Fidelify has stopped working. I think its because Spotify made a new update to allow you to play on other devices but I am dead in the water. My DAC is set to AISO driver and I would like to be able to circumvent the windows EQ output. Has anyone else who uses Spotify had these issues? I might have to switch streaming services if this is going to be an ongoing issue.
  13. twk123

    Looking for a good Sub

    From a Moderator nonetheless. I know Klipsch has had issues with some of their powered speakers systems but I have not heard their modern subs spoken of in such low regard. @CECAA850 Can you provide more explanation on this?
  14. twk123

    Crites CT-120

    There are different opinions here but personally I prefer the K-77M. The CT-120 is smoother but the K-77 has a certain real and lifelike sound to it that I really like. If you are going the full swap with CT-120 tweeter and 4500/A crossover then its a good idea though as the new crossover helps mitigate some resonances in the k400 horn at higher frequencies.
  15. twk123

    Mixing & Matching Klipsch Series

    You have a quality center channel but its always fun to experiment. If you are directly in front of the TV, try turning your center off (Often called a "phantom center") and see how you like it. Your AVR will route the center signal to your mains and the stereo image of your mains will actually put the dialog right on the screen. You may be surprised how natural it sounds. However, this only works if your directly in front of the screen, if you are too far to either side the dialogue will pull to the main speaker you are closer to. That is why centers are more important for larger rooms with off axis seating because it "locks" the voices to the screen.