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  1. Old Capacitors dry out and drift out spec. That means your tweeter, mid range etc start playing frequencies they are not supposed to play which degrades the sound quality. Typically, the old ones are cut out and new ones soldered into the network. The Dayton 1% caps are solid caps, nothing exotic but are more than sufficient for normal playback. Good luck to the OP with the sale, I think the price point is very much fair given the cap refresh and rare finish.
  2. One of my favorite from Angus and Julia stone. Definitely an interesting mix of modern folk and classic rock.
  3. This looks pretty good regarding room treatments and should account for most of the primary reflection points. An untreated rectangular room will sound like hell with those speakers. I have a similar setup with my LaScalas and I could not even bear casual listening until I put treatments in. The other major contribution factor with Klipsch sound quality is your source material. If you are running digital or streaming make sure you have the proper quality on. Also your computer's headphone jack has a garbage DAC, a standalone USB unit like one from Schiit will make a huge difference. Dont worry about cables, just get some 100% copper ones from Monoprice on Amazon. With everything set up properly in a room like that your stereo will literally be scary to listen to sometimes for how real it is.
  4. This 100% happens. I know a few people who have this exact same story.
  5. twk123


    I have watched a few youtube videos on these setups and literally every single room had horrible rooms with not even basic sound treatment or positioning. One guy even had these little wooden "room boundary pucks" on poles which were supposed to resonate and block the sound from reflecting off the wall somehow.
  6. This reminds me of how the Soviets got jet engine technology from the UK after WWII. A soviet diplomat came to the UK plant and toured the factory. The Soviets could not figure out what metal they used in the engine so he wore rubber soled shoes which picked up the shavings they later used to reverse engineer the engine components.
  7. At the end of the day, nothing shows off Dynamics like Lindsey Stirling. If you speakers can handle dubstep rumble, a screaming violin and vocals at ear splitting levels you know you have a good setup:
  8. Very nice, I like the proportions of the speaker. It has a certain "No Frill, all business" look to it. How deep do they go?
  9. My apologies for the thread jack but this is obligatory:
  10. I would sand it down to the metal then hit it with some Epoxy Primer then paint over that and you should be good. Here a a decent quality one from Eastwood: https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-black-epoxy-primers.html You need an HVLP gun but you could probably roll it then sand it smooth if you really need to.
  11. It must get tiring for the rider to swing his brass balls on either side of the bike around every corner. Thats impressive stuff. Also, obligatory regarding unnecessarily loud Harley pipes:
  12. I turned a single Industrial Heresy into a boombox a few years ago. I am still waiting for the time I can sneak off into the woods with it when I take my brother camping and play some crazy bigfoot noises or something from off in the distance.
  13. twk123


    Imagine being the tradesman out there that knows his slip up with a TIG welder torched a national treasure...
  14. I ordered this kit and used it to spray Epoxy primer on the roof of my car and it turned out really well. I like that it comes with two guns too. Just put a poster board or something on the wall and play around with the settings until you get the fan you want. That compressor seams a bit small but you can spray a light coat and get it to recharge then spray another etc. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0046RDW3K/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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