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    Turntable: Thorens TD-124
    DAC: Aune T1 with Amperex 7308 Tube
    Receiver: Denon AVR 3801
    Amp: Lepai lp-2020a+
    Mains:'83 LaScalas- Raw Birch with Crites Tweeters and Crites A4500 Crossovers
    Center: Phantom
    Sub: MWF-15 box w/ Dayton Audio 250W Plate Amp and Dayton Audio Reference 15'' HF Driver

    Home Office 2 Channel-
    Amp: Lepai lp-2020a+
    Speakers: KG 5.5 w/ Crites ti Tweeter

    Amp: Home Built Amp built from Class D Chip Amp
    Speakers: Klipsch KSB 1.1

    "Road Warrior"- Custom Klipsch Heresy HIP with internal mono summed network, Class D amp and battery pack.

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  1. A budding audiophile!

    That is actually one of the reasons I got my LaScalas, they are reasonably cat proof aside from them sleeping in the horn section sometimes. I would never declaw my cats though, for the same reason I own firearms.
  2. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Agreed. I always love listening to a live album all the way through. You really can hear the band warming up and get into the groove as the musicians and crowd build the energy up together. If you have a chance to find it, the Blue Riddim band album is awesome in that regard. Its a blues/reggae band of a bunch of white guys from the midwest who play their biggest show to date at a Jamaican Reggae festival. The lead singer is so nervous at the start his voice cracks but the crowd loves them and each song they build confidence and end up rocking out by the end.
  3. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    1st Place is: Lynyrd Skynyrd "One More From The Road" 2nd Place: Blue Riddim band "Live in Jamaica"
  4. Standalone DAC necessary?

    I have heard good things about the bifrost as well. I have the Modi2 and its a decent device. A quick word on caution on picking an outboard DAC. Windows has recently made an update or something which causes issues with DACs that are only USB powered like the Modi. The Bifrost has its own power supply so its fine but I have not been able to get my computer to recognize my Modi 2 in the last few weeks despite resetting the drivers etc. I personally really like my Aune T1 although it is not as well known as other brands and you can swap out different tubes in the buffer stage which is cool.
  5. SOLD Klipsch KG 5.5

    I agree, I have these in my office with the titanium tweeters and they are a really fun set of speakers. They are very 'open' and kick out a ridiculous amount of bass. I work from home and every Friday afternoon I crank them up at the end of the day and always end up with a mischievous smile on my face. If anyone is into electronic music especially, I would recommend these over almost any other line from Klipsch. GLWS
  6. Amp for Pro Audio Speakers for HT L/C/R

    Thanks for the heads up, I have edited the post for the actual speaker code instead of the tweeter. I think I will just use the AVR for now and if needed can upgrade. This project is still a moving target regarding final budget and setup etc so I want to keep the cost as minimal as possible but still hit a good part of the cost/quality curve.
  7. Amp for Pro Audio Speakers for HT L/C/R

    Interesting how they play with the numbers. I have not looked at new AVRs in a while and thought that with many companies going to Class D the ratings would be more accurate for all channels. Speaking of Class D, I am thinking of maybe running three of these bridged as mono blocks for the LCR: https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-apa150-150w-power-amplifier--300-812
  8. Amp for Pro Audio Speakers for HT L/C/R

    Thanks for the input guys. Due to budget constraints, I think I am going to just use the AVR to power them for right now as it is a smaller room. I am thinking of using a Denon S-730H which can put out 165 W per channel. I am trying to get the budget down to around $8,000 which is about as low as I can go and still do a pro- audio setup and run it as a 5.1 for now. I will have another post with a full gear list soon. https://usa.denon.com/us/product/hometheater/receivers/avrs730h
  9. My Mom has moved into a new house with her boyfriend about 20 min away and he wants to build a top of the line HT system. I am still putting the pieces together but I would like to do a false wall with AT screen and Klipsch Pro audio speakers for LCR, probably either KI-396-SMA-II (advice from @MetropolisLakeOutfitters) or K-310. What do you guys recommend for a power amp for these? I will have the AVR handle the surrounds for 7.1 but want something really good for the front soundstage. Total budget is about $10,000 to $15,000. Thank you for the help in advance, I am really stoked on this project and will do some more posts once I get the pieces better figured out in my head.
  10. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    Ive got my spine... Ive got my orange crush.
  11. Cherry RF II

    When I lived in UT there would be awesome deals on heritage stuff that would come up every now and again. I would put them in the Alerts section but nobody could take the 8+ hr drive to check them out.
  12. Looking for rear surround suggestions

    Good subs are a must. There is a misconception that more/bigger subs just means louder bass. It is true you can get more output but the real reason for upgrading is to have cleaner bass. The Klipsch philosophy is that if it moves it distorts and that is very true for subs as well. A small 10'' huffing and rattling in a corner is going to be far more offensive than a decent 15'' dropping the floor out of the room like a roller coaster ride. For a good budget option, this Dayton Audio 15'' is well regarded and is around $200: https://www.amazon.com/Dayton-Audio-SUB-1500-Powered-Subwoofer/dp/B00JZTQIJ4/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1501778684&sr=8-6&keywords=dayton+audio+subwoofer
  13. Elegy for a really nice mailbox

    CECAA lives in Texas. He could simply argue the mailbox was 'standing its ground'.
  14. Listing is still live and price drop to $275. If you are even thinking about it, I would jump on this.
  15. Here is a great talk from Tony Andrews about audio compression and the adrenal effects of bad sound vs the dopamine response of good sound. Interesting stuff and Tony is pretty much the English equivalent to PWK. There is another video about him discussing his speaker design as well.The notable difference is Tony's Funktion 1 sound system uses horn loaded paper cones while Klipsch uses compression drivers. The Funktion 1 system in Beta Nightclub in Denver is actually what got me addicted to horn loaded music and down the Klipsch rabbit hole.