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    Turntable: Thorens TD-124
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    Sub: MWF-15 box w/ Dayton Audio 250W Plate Amp and Dayton Audio Reference 15'' HF Driver

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    Amp: Lepai lp-2020a+
    Speakers: KG 5.5 w/ Crites ti Tweeter

    "Road Warrior"- Custom Klipsch Heresy HIP with internal mono summed network, Class D amp and battery pack.

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  1. twk123

    New Khorns???

    Do you know if there will be any certified dealers in Colorado? Im surprised none popped up even in the Denver metro area and I would love to listen to these in a showroom.
  2. twk123

    Water Damaged HII- Worth it?

    I am leaning to "NO" on these. I am tempted and have a good HVLP spray gun to put a nice coat of furniture paint but if the cabs are wrecked I dont really have time for a reconstruct. They are about an hour away too and we are repainting my entire house interior due to previous smokers so I have my hands full to say the least.
  3. A set of HII's just came up on my local craigslist for $125 that are water damaged. Do these things look like they are worth salvaging? My concern is the rusted screws on the driver which may indicate the woofer has water damage as well. It also looks like the cabs warped to the point they are coming apart at the corners. https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-ii-speaker/6706610580.html
  4. twk123

    Who is AWAKE?

    It looks like they have a similar Funktion One system with a different subwoofer configuration. I have always wondered how a Klipsch Cinema Grandeur stack would face off against a Funktion One system. I still think Klipsch dropped the ball on not cornering this market, it seems the British Funktion One is now the default for the kind of clubs and venues that Klipsch used to reside in.
  5. twk123

    Who is AWAKE?

    You gotta love when your body goes into 'survival mode'. Thats dope you spin deep house, do you record any of your sets? I have tech house or deep house playing though my KG 5.5's pretty much all day while I do insurance spreadsheets. I had a buddy in college that was a pretty good local DJ and he would open a lot at Beta nightclub in Denver and would always hook me up with VIP Passes. Those Funktion 1 speakers are something else.
  6. twk123

    Passive Radiator Grills

    There are some good options at Parts Express as well: https://www.parts-express.com/cat/steel-speaker-grills/323
  7. That is a good deal.
  8. twk123

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    The homeless here in Denver just shoot meth to stay warm in the Winter.
  9. What did they go for?
  10. twk123

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Lol that reminds me of one: A man was walking back to his car after a day of fishing with a bucket full of fish. The warden stops him and says, "Please let me see your fishing license". The man replies, "Sir, I am not fishing... you see these are my pet fish and I let them out every week to swim in the lake then I call them back into the bucket with my whistle." The warden was skeptical and said, "Ok wise guy, if that is true I want to see you do it right now." So the two walk down to the bank and the man dumps the fish into the water and they disappear into the lake. After a minute the warden says, "Ok buddy, you gonna call your fish back?" And the guy simply picks up his gear and says, "What fish?"
  11. twk123

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Some people are clueless. I saw a news report in Hawaii of some Asian lady who flew in to Oahu for vacation about 24 hrs before the hurricane was supposed to hit Honolulu. She was surprised the news crews were there and when they asked her about it she said, "I didnt know anything about a hurricane!". We drove around much of the island and there were about 10 buildings total that bothered to put any sandbags or board up any windows to prepare. The scariest thing was all the local 'tent towns' right on the beach that would have been annihilated if it had actually hit.
  12. twk123

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Hopefully they can get the land lines up. I know the cell companies usually have backup generators on the towers for emergencies but landlines are probably a lower priority.
  13. twk123

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Also remember that your laptop computer has a fairly large battery and can charge a cell phone. If a storm is coming have the laptop fully charged and put it in 'sleep' mode and let it charge your phone if needed.
  14. Nice setup! That should hold you over for some time. I think at the level your at, you are really at the apex of the cost/performance curve and you are going to have to drop serious money for incremental upgrades. The only thing I would suggest other than some sound treatments is a bias light for your TV. Having a backlight will make your blacks pop more and its much better for your eyes. The problem with TV's is the constant dark and light scenes cause your pupils to dilate and contact constantly which eventually wears you down and will make you want to turn a long movie off. A good bias light prevents that and is a huge improvement for a few dollars. Here is a good one that plugs into one of your TV's USB ports and turns on automatically: https://www.amazon.com/Luminoodle-Bias-Lighting-Backlight-Strip/dp/B01BKU7B7I/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1536857680&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=tv+bias+light&psc=1