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  1. twk123

    Summer Concerts?

    This reminds me that Pretty Lights came out of his radio silence and is playing 2 shows at RedRocks as his only concerts this year. Supposedly he is still battling some old drug demons. I hope he comes out with the new album soon. Not music for everyone but I have been a long time fan, some have described him as the Pink Floyd of the younger generation.
  2. twk123

    Cornwall placement in weird room

    I agree with SiliconTi, the corners of the short wall are your best bet. The problem with your current placement is you are getting gain from the left wall reflection with an open space on the right which is going to cause an channel imbalance. Even the balance controls can bring the vocals back to the center but you will never get the clean soundstage that you will from having the walls even on both sides.
  3. twk123

    Klipschorns in NM

    Good luck with the sale and that looks like a fair price. Maybe you can use the funds to grab some LaScalas and a good subwoofer.
  4. twk123

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    Congratulations for your son and I really hope the best for your brother and will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers. I have one brother and I cant imagine anything happening to him. Sometimes life happens that way, my Grandma passed away about 3 days before my first child was born about a year and a half ago.
  5. twk123

    WTB- Volti Audio K-Horn upgrade

    I was going to say the same thing, your room looks like its out of a high end catalog. I cant remember the name of that chair but is that one one that famous designer built? Those K-Horns are stunning too btw.
  6. twk123

    Foam board speakers / exciters ???

    I looked into these quite a bit a while back but never pulled the trigger on getting the components. From what I read they will make excellent surround or ceiling atmos speakers and they radiate in a way that nomatter what angle you listen you still get a good soundstage. Many people rum them with a super tweeter though for the high end. I think the optimal setup is using rigid fiberglass board. The technology is actually moving into the pro audio field as well: http://www.tectonicaudiolabs.com/
  7. twk123

    Crites Crossovers

    My LaScalas have Crites crossovers and tweeters and I am very happy with them. However, they were installed before I purchased the speakers so I cant compare. I did replace the caps (capacitors) on my Heresy speaker though and it made a pretty big difference, the speaker was much more tight and controlled. Bob Crites is very well regarded here and I would say you can purchase his crossovers with confidence.
  8. The Version 1 CF series were designed by Roy Delgado (Forum name @Chief bonehead) who worked closely with Paul Klipsch and was his protege. The Version 1 speakers have a longer port tube, i think around 6 inches, and are known for being extremely balanced and musical. Supposedly some dealers didnt think it they sounded "Klipsch Like" so Klipsch revised the design for Version 2 which had shorter ports to change the speaker to have more 'sizzle' at the cost of the original V1 smoothness. Then they moved to Version 3 which had cheaper drivers and colored wiring. Roy typically works in the Pro side now but recently designed the Forte III which is another speaker that I am sure will be just a coveted in the future. As for an investment, assuming you keep them in good shape I imagine the V1s will always hold their value.
  9. twk123

    Belle’s placement/lack of bass

    If you do the K-horns along the top wall, be careful that furnace room does not block the sound. K-Horns shoot 45 deg into a room and the right channel might hit the corner of the furnace room.
  10. twk123

    Belle’s placement/lack of bass

    The red dashed line is the reflection you will need to get rid of:
  11. twk123

    Belle’s placement/lack of bass

    Ok, plan "B" then. Here is how I would have them. Start with the listening position and find a spot equal distance from the top and bottom walls (Green line distance should be the same) Mark that spot then place the belles along the left wall so you make an equilateral triangle with the same distance between the speakers and yourself (Pink lines the same distance). You are going to get a nasty reflection from that staircase right behind you so you will want to put a heavy curtain on the wall there if you can to make it "disappear"
  12. twk123

    Belle’s placement/lack of bass

    Personally, I would put the belles here: (Speakers in blue, listening position in teal) This way you have a good symmetry at your listening position for channel balance and you can more easily treat the walls for reflections.
  13. twk123

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I agree, if you are naked in the woods and your not on drugs... Well then you have a serious problem.
  14. twk123

    Volcanic action in Hawaii.

    This reminds me. My Grandparents lived on Bainbridge Island near Seattle when they were still alive. For years my Grandpa had a tarp and rope in his trunk in the event Rainier ever blew he wouldnt get ash on his car. It was just one of those 'Grandpa' things you just know its better to not ask into too much.
  15. twk123

    My Sub Bit the Dust

    Once I start to play around with it, ill see what I can do to the sub trims. We have not put in any sound treatments yet and I want to get that in before i run any Audessey. Its my first time playing with the tool as well. Very cool. Speakon connections are great for sub builds in my opinion. Bridging the I Nukes is a little tricky until you get the 4 pole connections figured out with the correct hookups but easy once you set it up the first time. I just replaced the incredibly noisy fan in my INuke with this one from Amazon and had it blow out the back of the case and have been very happy with it. I just cut and re-soldered the new wires and it dropped right in. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KF7P34G/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 My apologies to the OP if we are hijacking this thread, hopefully this discussion can provide some insight if you want to go DIY with the subs.