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  1. My father HAD a 20W MONO Macintosh tube amp into that 15" Altec Lansing driver too! I was SPOILED to good audio as a child! :-) John Kuthe...
  2. Yep! As an adolescent I had a mono single Altec-Lansing 15" studio monitor to listen to, and as an enterprising kid good at soldering and hooking up electronics I ran a speaker jack out of my 120VAC clock radio and plugged my 15" Altec-Lansing into it and it sounded fantastic!!! Speakers are the instrument that transmits the actual sound to your ears. Very important link! John Kuthe...
  3. JohnKuthe

    Lascala Oh, now I know

    Good way of putting it! La Scalas just get it done in a very clean fashion!
  4. JohnKuthe

    Lascala Oh, now I know

    La Scalas really DO sound FANTASTIC!!! I like many wasted to hurry up and add MORE BASS, but it's not really necessary. John Kuthe...
  5. Objective measurement is definitely good if one can do it correctly, but '510's just sound "tinny"' was a subjective measurement, an opinion or report of a sound heard. I need to get a good microphone or three! John Kuthe...
  6. Sounds totally like a crossover problem. Tinny like a 1" speaker! No bass or midrange, sounds like. John Kuthe...
  7. JohnKuthe

    Reel to Reel Question

    Yep! Entropy is a *****! ;-) John Kuthe...
  8. JohnKuthe

    Oh stop me now!!!

    Here's another STL Craigslist ad we might be interested in! https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-adcom-high-end-audio/6748530673.html John Kuthe...
  9. JohnKuthe

    Oh stop me now!!!

    I bought my 1977 LS's off STL's Craigslist last Fall local to me for $3000, and have NOT REGRETTED A THING! And I literally fell into purchasing the McIntosh MC2015 Solid State amp at Alpha Tech here in STL when I went into their shop for something else and found one FOR SALE on a small display table that had out front! It REALLY FOLLOWED ME HOME! It wanted me! :-) John Kuthe...
  10. JohnKuthe

    Oh stop me now!!!

    Thanks, but no thanks! I have far too much going on in my life right now! I'm pretty happy with my '77's and MC2105! John Kuthe...
  11. JohnKuthe

    Reel to Reel Question

    I have an old Teac Tascam A2340 with the same tape handling mechanism and I took mine into a local expert audio equipment repair shop and had them basically "make it work as good as it ever did", and that was one of the problems mine was demonstrating. And they fixed it! It's an internal part, common problem they said. John Kuthe...
  12. JohnKuthe

    Oh stop me now!!!

    Maybe, dunno. I just wanted to post this somewhere here. Just goes to show, I SHOULD have waited!! I BOUGHT a pair of 1977 La Scalas and a McIntosh MC 2105 Solid State stereo amp off Craigslist mid to end of 2017, so I've at least got those! :-) John Kuthe...
  13. JohnKuthe

    Oh stop me now!!!

    STL MO Craigslist ads! https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/mcintosh-mc75-mono-tube-amps/6747590516.html https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-lascala-ii-heritage/6747588367.html Oh wait!! I'm out of spendable CASH! ;-) John Kuthe...
  14. JohnKuthe

    Advice for Beginners....

    Always!!! Speakers are where the signal A/C in the wires meets the ears! :-) John Kuthe...
  15. JohnKuthe

    Besides music, what are your hobbies?

    Well, I can't do the smoking pot thing for a while yet again, but in the past 30 years I've gotten into Skydiving then Whitewater Kayaking for 10 years. But I have always been into electronics and sound! And now I am again!! A pair of 1977 La Scalas found me last Fall! And then I filled in the blanks! :-) John Kuthe...