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  1. JohnKuthe

    Beatles Sound Terrible on My Fortes

    I'm sure you are correct. I've noticed a lot of 60's recorded stuff seems like it was band limited to sound the best on those little "transistor radios" we had! My father had an Invicta "transistor radio", ooh ooh! :-) Of course he also had a VERY good home radio/record player and mono speaker, an Altec Lansing 15" studio monitor powered by a 20 watt McIntosh Mono TUBE AMP and a McIntosh Tube Preamp too! Pickering cartridge on a 100% manual turntable. Wish I had that stuff today but it's all long gone. 😞 John Kuthe...
  2. JohnKuthe

    Bookshelves outdoors?

    I have a non-climate controlled screen porch, and as the temp and other weather conditions are more harsh than anything strictly climate controlled yes it's gonna be harder on speakers. Let's experient! What kind and how long wires do you have going to yours? Mine is 30 feet or so through two walls. And yesm, thgankjs fort reminding mer. I WILL take mine inside in the Winter! John Kuthe...
  3. $800-$1200 a pair? I paid $3000 for my pair of 1977 (I was told) La Scalas, and no I have NOT had the crossovers worked on, I just listen to them. John Kuthe...
  4. JohnKuthe

    New to me Klipshorns

    Best upgrade you can do is a GOOD set of speakers, and looks like you now have THE BEST! Or close to it! Congrats! John Kuthe...
  5. JohnKuthe

    New to me Klipshorns

    Works for me! I've got a McIntosh MC2105 OVERpowering my La Scalas, and 2 biamped 15" subs to fill in the low bass when desired. They ROCK! And everything else too! Definitely the best system I've ever enjoyed! John Kuthe...
  6. Cats have vastly more complex bioneural circuitry than a Roomba! In fact, Roomba's have NONE! NO bioneural activity! John Kuthe, CS, EE and BSN! :-)
  7. Yep! I have two 15" subwoofer specific drivers in a "not the best" cabinet, but it's what I have. Biamped, with a Flame Linear (;-) ) amp powering them! It helps fill in the bottom end for my La Scalas. John Kuthe...
  8. Yep! I fell into a pair of 1977 La Scalas last Fall off Craigslist/Electronics STL for $3000 and I bit the bullet and went for them, and I will never regret it! Monster sound, a little low on the lows but DEFINITELY fantastic sound! VERY efficient, I have a 105WPC spec. MC2105 McIntosh amp for them but that is way overkill! I probably run them at 1W or so, if that most times. John Kuthe...
  9. JohnKuthe

    Amplifier Clipping

    Amplifier "clipping" is when the amplifier cannot accurately reproduce peaks in audio sound signals, thus kind of flattens them off rather than reproducing and amplifying accurately the amplitude peaks in an audio signal. The best and most expensive way to prevent amplifier clipping is to buy an amplifier vastly over powered for what you'd be listening to. That way your amplifier is always ready to accurately reproduce any transient peaks that may occur. Cheapest, easiest way is to just TURN IT DOWN! 😉 John Kuthe...
  10. JohnKuthe

    What does RMS mean

    Thanks! We aimed not to please but to have fun and say some important things. I'm glad there were actual musical talented folks in our band who could actually PLAY instruments. Our other studio song was much melodic and somewhat conventional. John Kuthe...
  11. JohnKuthe


    Fantastic! :-) I live in St Louis MO and picked up a pair of old La Scalas late last year. You live SO CLOSE to Klipsch Heaven! Hope, AR! :-) I'm envious. :-) John Kuthe...
  12. JohnKuthe

    What does RMS mean

    Well, I knew all this much (RMS and all, SWR too!) when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. I know a LOT about electricity and audio equipment theory too. So much so I was the progenitor of a band in 1979 called Cheep Effects: on which I played an old patch cord MOOG Synthesizer! Our first songs were done on my Pioneer CTf-1000 cassette deck with a separate playback and record head, and I connected a microphone and played back the tape monitor delay signal, which makes the coolest swoopy echoey sounds! I was playing with that when my friend from next door came over and I said Hey Craig! Check this out! And Cheep Effects was born! 1979! Lasted a couple of 90min cassettes, two studio songs and that was about it! And I have most all the Cheep Effects stuff DIGITIZED and on my hard drive! Cool stuff!! :-) I'm gonna sell it online someday soon. Hope too anyway. John Kuthe...
  13. JohnKuthe

    What does RMS mean

    Yep! And to handle those ridiculously high transient needs for audio power, the more cleanly powerful an amp you have the better. The ideal is to never require your amp to reproduce anything so powerful that will cause it to go into distortion. PS: I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering so I know "way more" about electricity and magnetism than most people. :-) John Kuthe...
  14. JohnKuthe

    Proper care for Raw Birch Klipschorns

    Yep, like my La Scalas, efficient as all getout! And I've got a McIntosh MC2105 driving my La Scalas! I can practically launch this HOUSE into the stratosphere! :-) John Kuthe...
  15. JohnKuthe

    What does RMS mean

    RMS = Root Mean Square. It's a mathematical way of determining an "average" amplitude of an alternating waveform such as sound produces. John Kuthe...