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KLIPSCH FORTE....LIKE NEW... Walnut Finish


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WALNUT FINISH, $599 {SERIAL #'S : 8616385,  8616386...}    I'm probably going to hate myself in the future for doing this, but seeing as

I've had my Klipsch Forte speakers boxed up for the last 14 years, (much longer then i used them), so i think it's time to sell them to someone who will appreciate them once again...  I've seen quite a few sets of these for sale over the years, but never in the condition of the ones that i have...  I always wonder why many of the speakers I've seen have rusty screws, along with beat up cabinets and pushed in woofers or passive radiators.. I have taken really good care of these ! I don't have children, so no little bundles of joy have poked their sticky little fingers where they don't belong ! lol ...and i don't smoke cigarettes so they won't smell nasty either...  Seeing as i lived next to the Commissioner of Public Safety in my town, i have to say that i babied them, lol..  Then i moved to a smaller house with even closer neighbors, so i left them in storage (at my parents house) .....

       Did i mention that they are in the original boxes ?!!!  So if you've been waiting to find a really good pair, and live within driving range of the Jersey shore, this is your chance..

       An hour and a half from Philly, and an hour from N.Y.C., (assuming light traffic...)  Exit 109 on the parkway, near Red Bank..... I'll miss them, i'm sure, but i do still have Klipsch bookshelf speakers, sound bar with sub for tv, and speakers with sub for computer, so i'm still pretty well equipped.. 🐵   i just edited all my pictures so that they are under 2MB only to find out that 2MB is the total size allowed..lol.. lots more pics available..just ask !!! 

Lowered Price
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Hi Bruce, I hope your Forte's sell quick.  I hope you don't mind some suggestions.


  • List the finish
  • List the sn of the Forte.  That will tell people the year they were born.
  • Edit your post to break your single sentence into paragraphs.  Put the price at the top.
  • Add some pictures.  A lot of people like the Forte's but any serious buyer will not buy them at $700 sight unseen.
  • Show pics of both speakers, sides, tops and backs.  A pic of the tag will help as well as a pic of the passive radiator.

I am not a potential buyer but I'd like to help you sell them.  Thanks for listing them here first on the Klipsch forums where you have a decent chance of selling to people who really love Klipsch and know what Forte's are.





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I got a full price ($700) offer + an extra $50 to deliver them to Lancaster PA, which is about 2 1/2 hours each way... considering i blew the engine in my Chrysler 300 HEMI last week, and have to work on finding a new one, i'd rather sell them local.. make me an offer.. will send more pics too...B

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