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I've got several  of the T9A's andd am going to use them in a AB-2 Belle crossover.  They have 3 taps 0, 4, and 5.  I think the 0 is the connection for the negative  but need to know which is the positive lead connection coming and the tapped connection going to the midrange positive input.  Looks like T9A has -4db attenuation and will work well with a 13uf cap for 500hZ crossover with 5mh coil in parallel. Any help appreciated.    Thanks.






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The T9A actually has -3db attenuation.  The T4A has -4db attenuation.  Looks like the T4A was used in the Belle AB-2 crossover.


If using the T9A...


Hook input - to 0 output -  to 0.

Hook input + to 5, output + to 4.



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