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Hi Guys   , I would appreciate a bit of help  with  the KLIPSCH KP-362 Crossover networks ,  something seems to be very odd - much obliged


--I added  a few pictures -   picture 1 is the actual crossover and the speaker terminals - picture 2 is the KP 301 II SCHEMATIC which I thought would be the same -however these 2 are very different -does anyone have an insight into the klipsch pro networks  for the kp 362 --and is the picture no 1 the real Mc-Coy

kp 362 XO.jpg


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On 9/28/2018 at 1:26 PM, Marvel said:

Randy - Since the schematic indicates it is for the the kp-301 II AND the kp 362, I would say the actual crossover you have is suspect.



hi Bruce , I finally got the right answer - it was right on the  crossover's name plate , but I still dont have the shematic   -  here is the picture of the name plate  - it is a KP-  3.6-A  - this is  the right XO for a KP 362 -

kp 362  -1st pic.jpg

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