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R-41-SA Surround Speakers


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I just bought some new R-41 -SA surrounds for my 5.1.4  and am a little confused about the  angular build of them. With the wedge shape they must be placed flat against the rear wall or the side walls at the rear of the room. This means that the cone cannot be directed toward the back of your head or the sweet spot. They do not adhere to any of the Dolby specified placement guides. 

What would you do?








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These are Dolby Atmos add-on speakers which can also be used as regular surround speakers - like you do.

The angular tilt build into these speaker is meant to provide the correct angle to bounce the sound of the ceiling when the speakers are placed flat on top of another speaker.



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Thanks JefDC.

I guess i didn't explain my concern clearly.

My concern is that , as in the Dolby recommendation for surround speaker placement  below  (with Arrow), You want to have the cone of the speaker facing the back of your head. With these wedge type surround they can only be placed 'flat' on the rear or side wall so getting the cone to direct toward the back of your head is difficult and no placement is perfect and we all want 'perfect'. My back wall is closer than the example below


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