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Chorus II Center - Half a Chorus II


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System: Chorus II's for left & right channels with Fisher x-1000 (built in center out) in a large room. Don't want a full-size speaker as center (Quartet, Forte II, Chorus II) for several reasons and Academy's are too expensive.  Any drawbacks (besides lack of bass)  to center channel housing only K-79 tweeter, K-61 mid, using Chorus II crossover and not attaching (removing) woofer leads from crossover? Is there need to add resistance between unused crossover woofer leads so speaker impedance is the same as left and right channels? I have additional horns and Chorus II crossover.

Thank you,


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Welcome to the forums.  You have asked an unusual question.


In my mind the center speaker is the most important one in a multi-channel setup.  That's because for movies/TV 90% of the content is dialog, and 90% of the dialog comes out of the center speaker.


If you have a center channel without a mid-driver or woofer you would not be able to get a voice to sound normal.  Male vocals can go down to 90 Hz and your mid-horn is likely not going to go below 500 Hz.


I would go without a center channel before I would run one without the ability to accurately reproduce vocals and dialog, its primary function.

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Excellent insight and thank you for replying. I need to find mid cut off on Chorus II crossover and capabilities of the K-61. This project may not be viable and it's already not quick and easy. 


Chorus I :image.png.13b454991bc732080b4a26442e0762a0.png


According to Vocular’s database, Barry White has the deepest voice, with a median pitch of 71 Hz and Emma Watson maybe has the highest at 220 Hz.


Fundamentals and Harmonics of Human Voice Frequency Range
A Female voice frequency range covers 

up to 350 Hz to 17KHz.

Its fundamental frequency is 350Hz to 3KHz and Harmonics is 3KHz to 17KHz.

Male voice covers a Frequency range of 100Hz to 8KHz.
The fundamental is 100Hz to 900Hz and Harmonics is 900Hz to 8KHz.


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Can't find K-61 specs and since I'm an absolute layman on subject

Will assume K-61 apparently won't reach 100HZ, or perform well at lower frequencies due to size, db drop off or whatever.

If "the midrange is where we live", the woofer is ample in this region and midrange is not pure K-61 tractrix; at least now I'm aware.

If woofer(s) is added to "my proposed center K-79/K-61 center', have to match woofer to box/horns and alter crossover to woofer. More work than I intended and crash-course required to move forward.




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It looks like you've done some good research.  The info on the Ch1 indicates the mid goes down to about 600 Hz, the Ch2 should be fairly close.


It also looks like you are trying to do a non-standard enclosure for the front.  That puts you closer to DIY than to Klipsch.  I wonder if you could find a couple of smaller mid-woofers that might go from 35 Hz to at least 600 Hz?  A pair of 7" drivers ought to get you a lower profile and still push as much air as a 15" woofer.  You would need some more detailed information, Thiel Small parameters and such to figure out what pair of mid-drivers might substitute for a single 15.  Then you would have to account for the passive radiator, maybe with some port tubes.


I wouldn't think the Ch2 XO would be plug and play, but I'm out of my element here.


If you want to pursue your ideas in further depth you might post a thread on AVSforums.com DIY Speakers and Subs.  I don't know if anyone over there would have any experience with the kind of project you are doing but there are people there who might have some other ideas.


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