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Moving back to Klipsch Speakers


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After a couple of years away. 


The system will be a 3.2 setup (have Rythmik 15" subs), with the fronts being RP8000F's and the center being an RP504C. I just bought a Denon X4500H (125w/channel per Denon), and powering 3 speakers it looks like it should be good for 110-115w/speaker looking at 3rd party testing of older 4000 series Denons. I assume these speakers are like the previous models where the AVR will push them well over what they generally need? I don't have space for a large Outlaw or Emo amp in my current stand and don't see a point to the smaller Outlaw 5000 with the X4500H only driving 3 speakers. The 3 Klipsch speakers will be crossed at 80hz and small of course.


Glad to be back over on the Klipsch side.

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Well, really should be fine with the AVR only. New X4500H is acting up so I enacted a return label, and went ahead and called for the upgrade X6500H japan made model. It has a larger and more robust amp section, so it should be fine. Hopefully it comes working 100%...

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My Denon 4200 is running 4 RS-3's - that's about it.  That being said, it's probably kicking out somewhere between 75-95 WPC.  It's more than enough for the rear.  That being said, unless you get an amp that can match at 90 WPC or better, with that setup - I probably wouldn't worry about it too much.  Are you mainly going for a compacted HT setup?

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