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Need Center channel suggestions


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So I recently upgraded my mains from an older pair of jbl e90s to the klipsch rp280fa in an effort to hopefully not need to replace them for many many years, and in doing so my center channel is just not going to cut it.  The current center channel is just the same series jbl speaker as the front, and I'm having to adjust the levels so much to hear dialogue compared to what I get out of the mains.  


I'm running a 5.1 system now using the rp280fa mains, r15m bookshelves as surrounds, a ksw12 sub, on a pioneer elite vsx42.  I plan to upgrade to an atmos and 4k level receiver soon, but haven't gotten there yet.


Any suggestions on a good option for center channel that will mesh well with my mains?


On another note, I have an older rotel ra985bx integrated amplifier, and would love to be able to use those two channels to my mains while using the pionneer elite to process the surround portion of movies.  I also listen to lots of 2 channel music and like to A/B listen to the rp280s, and also listen to my older KG 5.5s.  Is it possible to only use the rotel as an amp on the front 2 channels, and essentially bypass the volume control on the rotel unit and instead control everything from the pioneer.  The rotel just puts out great clean power and is true to the power rating.  Both sets of speakers sound much better when powered by the rotel.


Thanks all for any help and suggestions! 



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Last year I upgraded my center to a Klipsch RP450C. 

I had been using a M-L SLM surface mount as my center and it just couldn't keep up with my Heresys.
The RP proved to be a much better choice at getting the sound field corrected. The system needed a center with an enclosure. The M-L SLM had issues with cone crash and could not provide an adequate sound field.

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