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Tekton Design Pendragon PMD Monitor in Ferrari Grigio Titanio

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For your consideration:


A pair of Tekton Design Pendragon PMD Monitor in a Ferrari Grigio Titanio finish. To be clear, these are NOT the 2,000 pendragons, they share a similar driver arrangement, hence the pendragon lineage tag (poor marketing choice in my opinion).


I have included a link to the actual speakers from Tekton’s website: https://www.tektondesign.com/pmd-pendragon-monitor.html



I purchased these speakers from the original owner who has owned just about every single speaker Eric of Tekton Design, has ever put out. They are in immaculate condition with no observable blemishes or defects. 


Reason for Sale:

I have gravitated away from high-end audio and into other hobbies in the last year or so, and I have been gradually letting go of my gear – the speakers are the only large piece I have left. An unexpected move in the near future has expedited this process, hence this ad. 


Asking price:

The Pendragon PMD Monitor runs 20,000 delivered from Eric. I am moving in two weeks and would like to move the speakers before then. My asking price is $5,000, price Is negotiable within reason. 



I am located in Texas, 77840. I would highly prefer a local sale, but I do have the shipping boxes and am willing to work out the logistics of an out-of-state sale with an interested buyer. 



My plan is not to get out the hobby completely, just downsize to an integrated and something smaller. Therefore, I will consider some partial trades for good gear. I would also consider trades related to motorcycles.


Subjective Impressions:

To provide some background into what my system consisted of: these were connected to a Mark Levinson no.336, a Primaluna Dialogue pre-amp with tung-sol tubes, and a PS audio directstream dac. My most recent speakers include focal sopra No.2 and Harbeth SHL5+. With respect to these speakers, I would describe the tektons as effortlessly powerful, dynamic, and somewhere in between the harbeths and the focal sopras in terms of warmth. I enjoyed them immensely.



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Thanks, teaman, you beat me to the punch.

6 minutes ago, teaman said:

Have you heard both?


If not, then why post something to threadcrap? Check out the Tekton reviews and see how highly regarded they are. I love Klipsch but I am yet to see a raving review of any of the RF-7 series anywhere.


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I haven't heard RF-7s of any iteration. But the Pendragons I had (which are NOT like these) were respectable speakers. I wouldn't call them giant killers, but better than a lot I have heard.



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