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Measurements for Original LaScala bottom panel?


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I stupidly forgot to measure my LaScala bottom panel before I left today (I have one I need to replace as it's rotten from water damage).  


Does anyone have a first generation La-Scala (mid 70's vintage) that can measure the bottom dog house cover panel? 


I'm going to stop at Home Depot on the way home and have them cut me a replacement piece.


Thanks folks!


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Luckily - since this is to replace the bottom panel, it's not super critical - but I will keep my eye on them for sure!


Also going to pick up some casters as my back is wrecked form moving the khorn bins out yesterday and these in...


My wife has coined a new term for my speaker adventures - while she was helping me wrangle them out our front doorway:

Me (Sweating profusely): "These LaScalas are the *last* big speakers I'm carrying into the house like this.."


Her (In her best joking German acent): "... Klipschsheit!"




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