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Price Dropped - Klipsch RF-82 Ref Series IV in Cleveland, OH - $425 (beautiful)


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Got these on trade and while they sound and look great, I simply need need money. A couple of the Woofers have minor dents/blemishes which I suspect could be popped back from the back side but are not that bad at all, really. Cabinets, baffles and grilles, however, are satin black and really excellent and look beautiful - an easy 9/10 in my book.


As stated, I'm in Cleveland and located near Hopkins Airport in North Olmsted. I am willing drive up to a few hours to meet (if necessary) and am also available any time. I'll be monitoring replies and have more images if interested! Thanks for looking.


Open to partial trades for guy stuff - tools, smaller sub + bookshelves, laptops/game consoles/general electronics, car repair stuff, etc.




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price drop
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On 7/6/2019 at 4:25 AM, wnabphil78@gmail said:

Im in Buffalo Ny and may have something you'd be willing to take part trade in. Luxman R-115, Paradigm servo 15' Powered sub (goes for $1600 on amazon now) but maybe we can make a deal, shoot me a message. Thanks Tom 


Will message and thread bumpin'

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