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Introduction and Belle Question

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Hello, I am new to the forum and had a question I was hoping folks could provide some insights on.  I recently acquired a pair of Belles.  The person I got them from told me he bought them in 1988, but they had no tags on the back or numbers stamped, to confirm manufacture date or other specifics such as finish.  There are what appear to be initials and Y1 stamps in back though.   I was hoping these images might help gather some insights from the group regarding age, finish etc.  The AB networks might narrow the time frame of production.  Looking forward to your replies.  Thank you.

Belle images.JPG

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There are timelines for most Heritage speakers on the Klipsch.com site.  These were made up based on information provided by the factory.  Please see them for details.  I don't see a timeline /history for the Belle  (The Prettier Sister; her older sister being the LaScala) --- or I'm doing something wrong.  There is a description of Ms. Eva Belle Klipsch, plus some nice historic photos, spec sheet, and an ad.  (Search for Belle on that site).


Nonetheless, a timeline for the Belle was put up on another site long ago.  It is attached.  Please note credits there, etc.  Others here can give better info on the creation of these timelines.  Maybe someone can move the information to the Klipsch site if the appropriate version is not available.


It is interesting if brief history.  OTOH, it seems to me there were not very many changes to the model which would allow anyone to pinpoint a year of manufacture.  It is, though, interesting that you've got the K-55-M midrange driver which is generally considered to be the best of the 55 series.


Others can also give details on the import, if any, of the stampings you have found.


You should search this site for comments on the Belle.  It was reportedly difficult and expensive to manufacturer and never sold well.


Congrats on your acquistion.  You're a lucky duck.  



Belle Klipsch Timeline cached.pdf

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You have the same scenario as I did (no tags just stamped letters) when I acquired my Belle's.  I concluded mine were 83's based on the timeline of the AB crossovers that WMcD posted. Also that they are oiled and not lacquered  after doing a test area to see if the treatment would absorb into the wood.


Congrats and welcome to the forum.

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