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Klipsch R-120SW vs REL HT/1205 ( HELP)


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New Klipsch loyalist here and trying to decide between both subs.  This is a new system not yet hooked up but I'm excited.. My challenge is the only place I can put the sub is behind my second row of theater chairs. Room is 20 X 12.  Yes I know this isn't optimal to say the least, but I can't afford an in wall sub right now so it will have to do.  WIth that said. I have to pay attention to the depth of the sub.  The REL is on sale for $599.  The Klipsch is $449.   Here is the kicker ( LOL )  The REL is also 4 inches smaller in depth which means a great deal in my space. 

Any thoughts would be super helpful.   I included a design of the theater room below.  Thank you so much for any input.  Just please be kind as I'm new.  This is more of a room for football and sports vs an occasional movie and Netflix.  


(Current Set up )


82 Samsung Q90R  ( 2019)

Onkyo TXRZ840

Center Channel Klipsch R34C

Ceiling CDT5650C



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Thank you for replying.  The issue isn't getting a cable to the sub as I need to rip up some concrete to get electricity to the riser for my seating.   It's just a question of what is a better quality sub.  Rather go Klipsch as its cheaper but the other sub rates highly and is smaller. 

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I don’t have any experience with either models but I have quite a bit of experience with both sub brands.


I’d go REL all day. Build and sound quality is much higher with the REL. 


Klipsch does make great subwoofers but the past two Reference subs I have owned, left much to be desired. They do thump away but I miss the build quality of the RT/RSW lines. 


I am still hoping for a 15” sub with a build quality in line with the RF-7 iii. 

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