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Matching 2 different sub woofers


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Seeking some advise. 

I currently have a Jamo  8 inched sub. Its decent with a needed punch but not the wall rattling types. Am planning to get a second sub but of a different make and model, Klipsch SPL 100 10 inch. Would having two different subs, even out the bass response and solve some room acoustics and have greater effect. I have a Klipsch front  floor standers RP 6000f  and centre channel  600C and Jamo  floor standing surrounds and height speakers.

Appreciate your thoughts.

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The above is not good advice. Yes, two subs will make the base response better in the room setup properly.  The delay does not matter unless they are equal distance and the room is a perfect rectangle without non-symmetrical furnishings .  I use multiple subs that are not the same with harmony.  See graph attached to the post.

3.6.2018 FR.png

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