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Replacement Ear Tips - T5 True Wireless?


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Does anyone know where you can purchase replacement ear tips for the T5 True Wireless ear buds?  The plastic ring on one of mine has separated from the silicone part of the ear tip.  I put in a support ticket and they told me that's not covered under warranty and is considered normal wear and tear.  I asked where I could purchase replacements, but the only reply they gave me was they are "readily available."  


They did say they'd send me a courtesy replacement pair even though it's not under warranty, but that this was a one time only thing, so I'll still need to find where to buy replacements if they're only going to last 5-6 months.  The only thing I could find on the Klipsch website were the Oval Ear Tips:  https://www.klipsch.com/products/oval-ear-tips

These don't appear to be the same type used on the T5TW.  They look like the solid silicone type used on my old R6 neckband.

Any suggestions?

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Strangely enough, shortly after my post on 1/2 I saw an email from Klipsch support:





(Klipsch Product Support)

Thank you for your response and follow up. Currently, we do not have the T5 True Wireless eartips available online. However, you can call us at 1-800-554-7724 to purchase replacements and we will set you up with a parts ordering ticket. The cost is $10.07 per pair.


So if anyone needs a replacement set, at least for now you'll need to call Klipsch and they'll get you taken care of.  They sent my courtesy replacement set quickly.

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I purchased Klipsch T5 True Wireless earbuds

a month back. For the very first time taking the tip off today it seems to have separated from the plastic ring despite me being very careful. Either my bad luck or the tips themselves are very flimsy quality for this to happen - I would expect the tips to last atleast a few cycles of taking them off and putting them back in.


The plastic ring is stuck in it's place inside the ear bud.

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I’m having same issue as everyone else - plastic ring separated from the silicone bit and is stuck on the actual ear bud. I was able to find replacement ear tips on amazon and carousell. But very disappointed in the design of the ear tip - very poor quality for how expensive the T5 is

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