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BAR 48 Installer Mode and External Player Mode?


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The latest firmware update provides two new modes but I can find no information about them.


Does anyone know what they do?

Version: v83 (S/N: 106655719110001 - 106655719242000)
Released: 12/13/2019
Region: Global

Bar 48 BT v83 - Change Log:

  • Improved subwoofer connection
  • Increased Surround Output when Rear Surrounds are present.
  • When volume is set to minimum, sub volume now mutes.
  • Content continues playing after Bluetooth connection is made from device to soundbar.
  • BT switches input when coming from other audio input after BT connection is made from device to soundbar.
  • Sub Volume Increase/Decrease LED indication improved on bar
  • Can power off soundbar when HDMI content playing with button on soundbar or remote.
  • Installer Mode Added
  • External Player Mode Added
  • Various Bug Fixes
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26 minutes ago, FMnoise said:

I do know that "Installer" mode disables the AUTO on feature and enables the always on mode (so it does not power off after no audio signal is detected).

Do you know how to enable/disable this feature?

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1. How to check if the "Installer Mode" function is enabled?
2. I understand that to turn it on "ON / OFF" button for 3 to 5 seconds, and to turn it off should you do the same again?
3. Did I understand correctly that this feature causes that there are no problems turning on the soundbar after prolonged non-use?
4. Does this function need to be activated each time or is it enough once?
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