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I have a home theater setup that I like, and a music stereo setup that I also like. The problem is that I want to be able to use the fronts for both. Home theater is a Denon AVR, which is fine. Stereo is tube McIntosh.


What are my options, other than swapping cables to the fronts? Any ideas would be welcome!

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Any recommendations on brands for a switch? There's certainly a lot of options out there. Am I losing much in the way of sound going through a switch?


Edit: reading some other posts, seems like a lot of people choose to stay away from switches at all costs. To that end, is there a way to use the Mac preamp as the main supply to the speakers, and run interconnects to the receiver through an output?


Second Edit: https://www.whathifi.com/us/features/how-to-combine-stereo-and-surround-sound-in-one-brilliant-av-system I believe I've found my answer. Use the preouts of the Denon AVR to the processor inputs of the C2500, assign an external amp on the AVR. We'll see...

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