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Balanced vs Unbalanced Interconnects

Vivek Batra

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Hi Guys


I know this can be a topic of a very long debate and many people altogether disregarding this while other may give high importance. I am asking this here because one of my upcoming purchase depends on the importance of XLR interconnects.


I am building my 2 channel rig from scratch. So far I have Fortes, Luxman 590 AX II on order and I am searching for a dac. My inclination is to find a dac with XLR outputs.


My question is how superior XLRs are over RCAs? Is it even a noticeable difference to a common man? I think a good dac with XLR would surely cost more than a dac with just RCA outputs from my search so far.


Please share you experience that would help me to invest my money on right kind of equipment.




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