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Klipsch RF82 ii FS

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Great speakers - perfect condition.  I'll say 9.5/10 because nothing is perfect and I'm sure there is some minute flaw that I can't see.  I bought them with the intention to replace my Heresy IIs.  For a stand-alone full range speaker I do prefer these to the Heresy because the bass is much more substantial, but I'm running my Heresys with a R-115SW sub so the lack of bass isn't a problem.  For the rest of the spectrum the 3-way on the Heresy edges out the RF82 by a slight margin.


Overall these are nice full range speakers that I just don't have room for in my house.


In the DFW area - asking $300 for the pair.


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Wow...sorry you aren't closer to me...here in N. CA.  I'd take your speakers!


Gl with your sale.

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I am tempted to drive from Philadelphia,PA,  in my Plug in Prius to get them. I am crazy, at least that's. what I have been told since I was a kid. I am a newbie. I heard Klipsch speakers six months ago, and now my girlfiend thinks I am crazy.    I have gone from D500, Quintet SL ,KSF 10.5, and now further up the ladder to build a 5.2.4 dolby Atmos setup.

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