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    Living Room: (3) Klipsch Industrial La Scala for L/C/R, Sunfire True Sub Junior (no surrounds for now because I'm in a small apartment)

    Bedroom: (2) Polk RTi 70s, Klipsch Synergy C2 center

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  1. I have a single RF-62 REV IV that I picked up from an auction. I would like to get a 2nd one to match, OR sell the one I have to someone else looking for a single. I'm in the Dallas-Ft Worth area and could drive within a reasonable distance to meet someone.
  2. I sold 2 pairs of Fortes in the last year - one pair I sold for $600 and the other for $650. Not sure what the market is in GA, but that price might be a bit high to get much response.
  3. I'm not planning on bringing anything unless someone specifically asks. I went to a lot of effort the past couple of years and it was basically for nothing. The expense to bring everything was more money than what I ended up selling anything for. If you want something, send me a PM and I'll tell you what I have.
  4. This is the last chance if you want anything. I'm at my storage building right now loading up speakers for guys who have already made a request to bring something so if I haven't heard from you in the next 10 or 15 minutes I'm not going to bring it
  5. Simple question...how well will a K-44e woofer work in a Cornwall II? I have a chance to pick up some Cornwall IIs that have a woofer that is going to need to be replaced. At the same time I ran across a pair of K-44e matching 15" that have just been reconed professionally. Would those work in the Cornwall II?
  6. We know that a brand new Pro ject table runs about $400. So in your opinion how does this table sound compared to it?
  7. I am in Fort Worth and I have several turntables but none of them are what I would call high-end. I would be very interested in listening to this turntable to see if buying a high end table really makes that much of a difference in performance over a mid-range table. I'm willing to spend the money to get it but I don't want to do it blind without hearing if it really makes that much of a difference.
  8. Glad you're still enjoying the receiver. It seems like the real problem you have is trying to find the time to go from one room to the next to listen to all of the great speakers you have.
  9. If anyone in the Dallas area wants to get something I'll bring it back from the Pilgrimage pending having room in my SUV.
  10. All depends on the price. What would you sell them for?
  11. I probably have about 20 more pairs of speakers that I can't even remember what they are. This list was from the top of my head. This is only a list of the ones that are ready to sell. I have a long list of speakers that need to be refoamed, about 6 turntables and maybe 20 AV receivers. I'll go out to my storage this weekend to organize and list the rest of what I have.
  12. I think you're taking my comments wrong - I'm not upset. Just amused at this point about how easy it is for 2 people to be saying the same thing and yet they are so different.
  13. I did tell you that I had a LOT of stuff....you said "that's fine, bring it all"
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