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  1. Several years ago I chose the Klipsch Museum as my choice on the "Amazon Smile" site which lets you choose a charity that Amazon will make a donation to for every purchase you make. So in the course of my normal purchases from Amazon I got a notice today about the Amazon Smile contribution to the Klipsch Museum for this quarter.
  2. Great speakers - perfect condition. I'll say 9.5/10 because nothing is perfect and I'm sure there is some minute flaw that I can't see. I bought them with the intention to replace my Heresy IIs. For a stand-alone full range speaker I do prefer these to the Heresy because the bass is much more substantial, but I'm running my Heresys with a R-115SW sub so the lack of bass isn't a problem. For the rest of the spectrum the 3-way on the Heresy edges out the RF82 by a slight margin. Overall these are nice full range speakers that I just don't have room for in my house. In the DFW area - asking $300 for the pair.
  3. I'm in Dallas - this would be very tempting
  4. If the subs in the picture are included, then $1600 might not be bad. But overall too much. I sold a pair of walnut LaScalas about 3 years ago that were in very nice shape and the best I could get for them was $1200. Quite a shame if you ask me considering they are over $8000 new.
  5. pat_in_dfw


    The price is fine. The location is the problem. With something this big it can't be shipped so your potential buyer for this has to be within your driving area. I'm in TX. If you were in Dallas I'd buy this for $300.
  6. After listening to them more they have a high "sizzle and boom" appeal, but lack the midrange clarity of the Heresys. Since I am running dual 12" subs with 250w per sub to supplement the Heresys I'm going to stick with them and sell the RF82s. They would be a very nice speaker to cover the full audio spectrum by themselves, but when you take away the appeal of the stronger low end they don't measure up to the Heresy IIs.
  7. Wonder how hard these would be to ship? I messaged him to ask for pics and about shipping.
  8. I haven't listened to them head to head yet, but I hooked up the RF82s by themselves to a receiver in the garage and listened to them a bit that way. My first impression is that the bass was strong, better than the Heresy stand-alone, but not as good as the Heresy with a sub. The highs seemed stronger and crisper also, but the midrange clarity wasn't as good as the Heresy. I'll hook them up in my bedroom in the next few days so I can listen side by side with the Heresy.
  9. I bought them today so I'll keep you updated on what I think after hearing them.
  10. Great looking speakers but priced high. Nice guys. They bought a pair of Fortes from me a couple of years ago that they were going to strip down and re-veneer.
  11. I have a pair of Heresy IIs but I have a chance to get a pair of RF82 ii towers at a good price. If I own both, which one do members think would be better? Which to keep and which to sell? I'm running a 250w Sunfire powered sub to help the low end on the Heresys. Thoughts?
  12. Just signed up. Keeping my fingers crossed for the drawings!
  13. Is there a way to check membership status? I known I've been a member but I can't recall when the renewal is due and/or if mine has expired.
  14. You can't look at auction prices until just a few minutes before it ends to get any idea of what they're selling for. I buy a lot from the Goodwill onsite site, but if it's a popular item that people recognize the bidding will get crazy and I've seen a few items get so high that people are bidding more than what they would buy it for new! So buyer beware and be cautious when bidding.
  15. FOR SALE: Klipsch RB25s WITH STANDS: $150 Offering here to this group before I post it anywhere else. I've been using a pair of RB 25s with a subwoofer in my master BR. I found some stands to get them to a good listening height. I unexpectedly found a pair of Heresy IIs at an estate sales that were in immaculate condition. I don't have room for both so the RB 25s need a new home. Heresy IIs to RB 25s isn't even a comparison, so I now have a pair of RB 25s for sale. The condition is almost perfect. I would rate the cabinet a 9/10. Stands are included. Drivers are great and sound is great. Stands included which sell for $30-$40 on their own. Located in Ft Worth, TX. I would consider shipping, but the shipping cost on these might be more than the cost of the speakers themselves.
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