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Connect amplifier to preamp/processor


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kain, if you go that route, you just use 5-7 probably real short like 1/2 meter analog cables w/ rca plugs. i use 1/2 meter audioquest sidewinders that cost about $60 for 6 of 'em from a net dealer like audioadvisor.com

or if you get a pre/pro & amp w/ balanced (xlr) connectors & want to use those it may run you a lil higher cost for some good quality there. but rca connects/inerconnects should be fine for real short runs like between the pre & amp.

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cain, it is cake, but first before you go out and spend 3-400 dollars for interconnects see if your dealer will give you what you need just for your continued business. mine always throws in some pretty high end cables, and always just what i need, kind of makes interconnection that much easier, in any event you will see, it is as simple as falling off a bike12.gif

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