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Black Hawk Down.


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So, I just bought and watched BHD. The movie was great. However, I didn't come away feeling all that impressed with the overall sound quality of the DVD. It just didn't seem.... Well.... as full and alive as I would have thought it would be.

Also, when at a movie store today, the guy told me that he belives they are making a new release of the movie. That would be nice.

Also, I have been meaning to ask this for a while. I have been wanting to buy this movie for a while now. However, I have never been able to find it with either DTS or Dolby Digital. What it does have is 5.1. But I have yet to find a copy of it in a store where it had the dolby digital logo on the case. Has anyone else been able to find it with the dolby logo? Is 5.1 dolby? I never said anything about dolby in the setup either...



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moon, the one i rented from blockbust had dolby digital 5.1. if its not dts 5.1 then its DD 5.1. well in about 9.9/10 cases anyway. but those are the only 2 doing a comercial 5.1 as far as I know.

that's what i'm waiting for - the dts to buy this. i got private ryan in DD 5.1 then they went & came out w/ it in dts. won't be fooled again. 2.gif

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Boa, as you know from many previous posts, dts is my favorite 5.1 (and above) format. Sadly, Blockbuster doesn't usually buy the dts version of the DVD for three reasons:

1. With their high volume, they can buy the DVD's for less money by not paying for the dts royalty.

2. Dolby Digital works on any home DVD player while dts has a smaller installed base of home DVD players.

3. Since dts is less compacted, there is less room for trailers and other trivia on the DVD.

Have you ever noticed in a Blockbuster movie without dts that there is a dts logo in the movie credits? That is because the original release contained both versions and Blockbuster bought the stripped down version to rent and resell to you the consumer. Thus, generally you will find that the dts version was released at the same time... but the dts version is more likely to be in a DVD sales store rather than a DVD rental facility.

Ask a Blockbuster employee about dts and chances are they won't know what it is. One of the reasons that dts tends to be more fun on a full blown monopole system like you have, Boa, is that dts provides a fuller range side surround and rear effects mixing due to their format translation philosophy... a factor that is often lost for those who have dipole, bipole and, to a lesser extent, WDST rear array units.

Yes, my friend, all DVD's of a given release are NOT created equal. "Shrek" is a great example of what rental companies buy. Blockbuster's version was at a 1.33:1 ratio (standard narrow screen 4:3) and Hollywood Rental's version was 1.85:1 widescreen with 16:9 enhancement). All the markings on the packaging were identical except for the screen format. So, the "buyer beware" issue is to check for the proper screen format and preferred 5.1 (or above) method before you buy... chances are you will find them... but not necessarily at a "previously viewed" price.

Speaking of price, the large rental companies have upped their "previously viewed" prices in most parts of the country as we consumers slide into the holiday gifting syndrome. -HornEd

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yes ed, i have noticed that dts on the credits at the end, as well as sdss too many times. though i realize sdss has no consumer aps, yet anyway.

dts does have that advantage too. much more rear bass usually there in movies. nice supplement to the LFE. much higher audio bit rates for dts too (about double dolby) as i can see on the dvdp display.

& yeah at blockbuster the only way to get dts is if its bundled w/ dolby digital 5.1. bet if you go to rent the private ryan dvd there its the old dolby version.

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