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Vintage tubes for sale


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Since I have found the tubes in my new McIntosh MA352 to be excellent, I find that I do not need the tubes that I used in my McIntosh 275 and I am offering them up for sale here first before listing them online; wishing to give members of the Forum the first opportunity. These tubes are all excellent and tested strong when I purchased them. I was told by the vendor from whom I purchased them that they will sell for $50-$60 each if I sell them:  Two Telefunken 12AX7 smooth plates, two Sylvania GB-5751 @$50 each.


Finally, four RCA 12AT7 black plates that were purchased on the Forum $50 for all four.




Edit: KT88 and Amperex Bugle Boys previously listed are sold. Items listed above are still available.




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17 hours ago, Frank1938 said:

I also have Four SED KT88 Svetlana winged -c- original St. Petersburg that were used in the MC275 VI that I traded at Audio Classics. Condition is excellent. Bought from a member here on the forum. I paid $100 and will sell for that price.

KT88 tubes are sold.

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Hi Frank - Do you know what tube manufacturer makes the tubes for the MA352? I heard that JJ makes them for McIntosh, with the Mc label on them but I can't confirm that. I have no complaints with my MA352, just curious.

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