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Can someone help me identify these old oak cabinet floor speakers? (Answer: KG 5.5)


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Hi Folks,


I'm looking for a model number and repair parts.


The speakers are about 35-40 years old or more (guessing).
They weigh about 50 lbs each (guessing).

Light Oak cabinets.

Top element is marked 'Traktrix'.

Label on the back but it is blank, see picture.
I could not find any S/N.

Dimensions are 12.25" W, 17.5" D, 37.5" H


These were damaged in a flood, and the first thing I need to do is replace some of the feet - they are spikes that press fit into the bottom of the speakers, and fit into an outer plastic sleeve/foot to rest on a hardwood floor.  Any help is appreciated - thanks!







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In case anyone stumbles on this thread in the future, the parts for the KG 5.5 feet are:


060259 Spike Foot

060260 Plastic Foot Cover


As of 10/5/2020, the support/parts department, reachable at 800-554-7724, has a plentiful supply of the spike at $3/each, but they are out of stock on the plastic foot cover.

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