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al-3 vs al-4


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I just red on my locall klipschdealer site that i can upgrade my lascala with a AL-4 x-over.

Now i have the AL-3 x-over.

Is it really worth the money to upgrade to this al-4?

What will be the differends between these 2 x-overs?

Thx for the help.


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It sounds like over enthusiasm, rather than ignorance. Because I was part of the Klipsch Fans Tour of Hope, I sometimes hear things that others don't. The new Heritage drivers are practically identical copies of previous drivers. It is just an odd quirk that the mods that made them smoother, may have made them less efficient, but by a barely audible bit. Being into crossover design as much as my Civil Engineering mind can comprehend made me ask about the crossover. That's the only way I knew. I'll bet few outside of this BBS know either.

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