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Recomended Klipsch speakers


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I bought a Onkyo TX-RZ740 with 185 watt per channel and I want to set a 5.1.2 home theater system at home in a room that is not very big (5m/16.4ft x 6m/19.7ft).


I have doubts in which front speakers and subwoofer I should buy. I've been thinking about RP-8000 and RP-6000. I don't know if the first is too much or the second too low for the Onkyo characteristics. Also, for the sw I'm in doubt between R-115sw or spl-120.


As you can see, my knowledge is very limited so any help would be appreciated.



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The RP-8000 should be fine. Think about a sub other than Klipsch - lots of amp issues with Klipsch subs. Checkout the subwoofer forum.


BTW - your receiver won't drive all channels at 185W. Receiver specs are confusing these days, and the differ on how they are listed between EU countries and the USA. Don't sweat this - it is a decent receiver and should serve you fine.



Specs from the US Onkyo site:

100 W/Ch (8 Ohms, 20 Hz–20 kHz, 0.08% THD, 2 Channels Driven, FTC) 225 W/Ch (6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1 Channel Driven)


Specs from the EU Onkyo site:


185 W/Ch (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1 channel driven), 175 W/Ch (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 1% THD, 1 channel driven, IEC)

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