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audio cuts out


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I am using the 5.1 system optical input from a Phillips 4k tv.

It has been making a popping noise after a few minutes when watching Netflix movies.

It does this a few times a few minutes apart then all sound goes away. 

When the sound goes away I turn the stereo power off then back on and the sound comes back for a few minutes until the cycle repeats.

The stereo plays audio from YouTube from the same tv all day with no problems.

BTW- Klipsch speakers are awesome.



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JLB: First of all, welcome to the forum!


I experience the exact same issue in my theater. I have a Samsung UHD 75" and an older Pioneer Elite Flagship receiver. Because my receiver is older, I purchased it in 2004, it does not have HDMI connections. Therefore, in order to process the return audio from my screen while using streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+, I do the same thing as you: I send the audio feed to my Pioneer over the Digital optical (Toslink) cable. When entering Netflix (or Disney+) I initially hear the sound during the Splash Screen and show titles. But when I actuate "Play" to run the movie, the sound briefly interrupts and suddenly, I hear this loud "POP"! Not great for tweeters!! To counteract this, I used to shut off the receiver and turn it back on. I stopped doing that when I discovered it is much less hard on the receiver to simply switch the receiver's input selector to another device such as CD or VCR 1 before hitting "Play" until I see the movie start and then go back to the Optical input. I immediately hear normal sound and no "POP"! I have to believe this abrupt noise is caused by a "handshake" issue between the TV and receiver because I am not using the HDMI audio directly as my return sound. Yes, it's a pain in the butt, but until I have several grand to replace my legacy receiver, I can live with it. I hope this helps you. Best of luck! - Glenn

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