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Luxman sq n100 or 150 or KG 3 KG5.2 KG 5.5 or RP600M Sound?


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I have the above speakers and am currently using them with my Luxman R-115, R117 and Pioneer SA-9500. I have been looking at the Luxman N100 or N150.  Question is will 10 or 12 WPC let me really crank on the bigger KG series speakers that I have? I would imagine that the Klipsch 600 would sound great, but down the line if I wanted to use in a larger room that may be a problem


In the past I did have the Dynaco MKIII w/ 60wpc that would handle any speaker, my thoughts that I may be happier with a 40 to 60WPC amp?


The other integrated tube amps I have been looking at are the Muzishare KT88 , older Scott or Fisher tube amps.


I know this is sort of a general  question but I need some ideas, I really would like to stay in the $1k to $2k range

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