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Some Heresy parts up for grabs...


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Hey all -


I am working through a super-heresy conversion so there are several pieces of my 1983 Heresy IIs that I'm selling.    


1.  Pair of E2 crossovers.   Working fine as of the other day when I took them out.  Upgraded to Crites.   $SOLD


2.  Pair of original Klipsch badges.   Some wear but otherwise in good shape for 38 years old!  $SOLD.


3.  Pair of K-22-Rs.   Some minor scuffing on the outer edge of one of the woofers, presumably from when I took it out of the cabinet.  Note, the woofer is fine.  It's just on the part that lays against the cabinet front.   Please see the pics.   $SOLD







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I've had woofers with this issue over the years.... one out of the box idea is to smooth the gasket out as best as possible, tape it off and then add custom texture paint to it.  I have use the Rust-oleum Stone Creations before and it's pretty awesome.  I like the black granite finish when you can find it. Obviously this would only be applicable with front mounting woofers.




Heres the black granite finish I used on the bottom of the grill of my RF-3's that was all scuffed up when I purchased them....


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